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    Administrator password expiring frequently....

    Hi Guys, The administrator password is expiring frequently in my dell system....any solution for this to prevent? I am using win 7 prof 64 bit OS Regards, Santosh kulkarni
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    Why is my i7 system SO laggy?

    Hi, Do one thing, go to task manager, arrange by memory consumption, see which process consuming max memory and end that process and check it... u told that laptop is official laptop, then catch ur IT team to rectify ur laptop slowness issue...... With Regards, Santosh Kulkarni
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    Why is my i7 system SO laggy?

    Hi, deleting prefetch files will make system fast not slow.... Regards,. Santosh
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Red Cliff (How to win battle)
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    WD My Passport 1 TB External/Portable HDD Review

    Hi Pratyush, Good review and pictures.... You didn't mentioned how much you paid for Harddisk? With Regards, Santosh Kulkarni
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    Why is my i7 system SO laggy?

    Hi, My suggestion is to remove all services from startup option (msconfig from RUN command) and delete prefetch files and temp files and check whther performance is ok or not? With Regards, Santosh Kulkarni
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    Official Android discussion thread

    Good information amitabhishek..... I have one problem with my android phone (Micromax A50 - Android 2.3.6), problem is that when i connect usb cable for charging to phone, it showis charging but its not detecting in system i mean it showing option to touch to share files with system and also...
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    Useful Freewares...

    Good work Akshay....
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    My recommended must watch movie list is as given below 1) Battlefield - English (it shows how Leadership should be) 2) Robot - Hindi (Artificial Intelligence)
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