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    New phone under 12K, need a replacement due to water damage.

    You'll also get good resale with a Snapdragon enabled device for the above reasons. And its always good to have options. Yes, Redmi Note 7 Pro is one year old, which is precisely why you're getting such an awesome deal on it. The 128/6 GB version is going for Rs. 12k. To get the same...
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    Ink Tank printer to print on Card stock 300 gsm paper.

    See, I've used upto 280 GSM papers on both my printers, Canon MP287 (modified with inktank) and Canon G2002. Both seem to do a good job, so I have no problems with them. However, a relatively new Epson L380 in my workplace seems to have problems with continuous photo prints even on 200 GSM...
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    A decent VR headset around 2000

    I have used the non-strapped Mi VR which costed Rs. 800 or so. Its good enough for the games and artistic content on Youtube, but there are cetain limitations of using VR for movies. For example, even on 1080p resolution on a 5.5 inch screen, you can easily see the pixels. If you're watching a...
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    New FDI e-commerce policy: No More Discounts! Any alternative?

    Hmm... Right. However, I belong to a small city though, and here, offline usually keep the same rates across shops. The reason is, each customer goes to multiple shops to check prices. :D But even in big cities, I doubt a Rs. 23k phone will be sold for Rs. 51k, unless its a lavish showroom.
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    Anybody needs a review of Redgear MK881 Mechanical Keyboard?

    Hey Guys, I've reviewed some stuff earlier like Powerbanks, Jio Fi, etc... I just received the Redgear Invador MK881 Mechanical Keyboard from Amazon:-
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    New FDI e-commerce policy: No More Discounts! Any alternative?

    Its better to get from online in my experience, that too when special sales & discounts are on... Although, even offline channels will not compromise their own reputation, but their price is often on the higher side. For example, buying non-urgent heavy electronics like Tv and Fridge means you...
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    How to OVERCLOCK Acer Kg 271 MONITOR 60Hz/75Hz/120Hz/144Hz (Get Higher Refresh Rates) Acer KG 271

    Is this genuine 81 Hz? It is displaying so I know but still, I always thought it was a hardware thing.. And what is the trade off? Will it generate more heat or something? Can I try this on my laptop's inbuilt display? Its 60Hz, but the internals are core i7, gtx10 6o, etc.
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    Urgent....Need IPS Monitor 24-27"

    1080p is about 2 megapixels, 2K is about 5 Megapixels and 4K is about 8 Megapixels (million pixels). Pixels are small unique dots, which make an image/ display. The more pixels you have, the better detail you will see (not quality, detail)... However, more megapixels means more workload for the...
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    employe activity tracking freeware needed

    There are 2 approaches: Either have Windows 10 on all PC's, and connect them to LAN and set them (employees' computers) on Child Mode, and make your own computer the parent. This will ensure direct activity reporting to the extent you want. You will get emails from Microsoft itself I think...
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    There Is An App For That - Ask Us !

    My need: I'm a College Lecturer. I want an app that can be used for attendance of a class... Similarly if we can have a system of SMS'ing the ward's attendance to parents that would be awesome! Right now, we call parents weekly, but that system is unreliable and teacher-effort consuming. Basic...
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    A Duplicate Huawei Mate 10 Pro... What to do with it?

    Thanks. Can you please link me to an online guide that will help me in my specific case? Is this link useful for a chinese clone phone? :-
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    A Duplicate Huawei Mate 10 Pro... What to do with it?

    My friend came from Dubai with an ultra cheap Huawei Mate 10 Pro.... How cheap? Rs. 3000 or s0. I was firstly amazed at Dubai prices but still I was heavily doubtful. I tried checking it. Display was ok ok, Settings/ About told the phone as "Huawei Mate 10 Pro"... Good. I downloaded benchmarks...
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    Is Google turning into a Goolag?

    I own a Redmi 2 Prime... and I've tried to disconnect everything except the very basic. Yes, Google is still logged in. I still have Play store. Since its an old firmware I've uninstalled all Google Apps except Play st0re. (In Redmi 2 Prime we can) And its actually working for me, I no longer...
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    Review: JioFi 2 Wifi Dongle+Jio LTE Service.

    Guys, a long term review is due.... A lot of things have changed. 1. The Jio Fi is priced lower now, just Rs. 999. 2. For some reason, my Jio Fi battery is expanding/ swelling. I believe it might be due to the fact that I have spent a lot of time, using it with USB, and thus the battery gets...
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    Need printing setup for a new small business

    You will require a medium sized hall/ room for flexprinting machine. It has low costs, and very cheap inks, so you can price them at Rs. 8-20/ feet of printing to customers, including the reflective flex sheet. But these inks are smelly, so keep that in mind, that you choose commercial...
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