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    Buying a new Graphics Card

    Hello forum members, I will be buying a New GFX card in a few weeks. I basically want this as an upgrade to my Geforce 8500GT. I want something that will not be bottlenecked by my configuration and be future proof for atleast 2-3yrs. My PC is basically used for playing the odd game and mostly...
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    Digit MFD's review?

    The MFD review was in the March edition.
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    Graphics need!!!,2446.html this link might help u choose between GTS250 and HD5750.
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    Another Pc required urgently

    Yes the Zebronics Bijli does come with a 400W PSU.
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    -={ Request for Tutorials here .. }=-

    Please give a A good and basic guide on over-clocking a computer based on an INTEL processor
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    Another Pc required urgently

    according 2 this link The speakers cost Rs 1,310 to Rs 1,599
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    Need a mobile under 15k

    I think between the two u should go for the Samsung. U can refer to these links :arrow: :arrow:
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    Now this is what i call a Computer CHASIS!!!!! (Must See)

    It looks really nice, but its a pity such a beauty should tilt or bend(see the first pic). Thermaltake should have corrected that flaw in the design.
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    Guide to heatlhy Computing

    thanks a lot for sharing these tips.Really helpful for a person like me who sits on the net for hours at a stretch.
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    Help To Build My Rig

    I think u should go with i7 as they are specifically designed for Desktop PC. Whereas Xeon processors are for severs
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    Very high end configuration rig needed..Please suggest

    I think u should wait for Nvidia's fermi architecture based graphics cards.(as they are releasing in march end- april first week) They might be better than the HD5970.
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    the Official Intel Core ix thread for desktops and laptops

    Re: The Official Core i7 (Intel's nehalem) Thread i want a suitable i5+P55+Hd5770 for gaming. My budget is around 20k
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    Need help in buying PC

    I meant an intel processor. She doesnt mind a motherboard from any other company. Also if possible how much will a Core i5+P55+5770 add up to the current configuration. ---------- Post added at 09:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:23 PM ---------- ok now I need a decent 5.1 speaker for 4k
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    New to assembled desktops - Guidance Required!

    ok my friends budget it same. She is a casual gamer so i feel 5750 will suffice.She does not need an OS but would like a5.1 speaker. Its ok if the budget goes to 4.2k or 4.3k
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    Need help in buying PC

    Actually she is a she
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