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    Giving Away OLD Digit Magazines

    Sorry Where should i post this.
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    Giving Away OLD Digit Magazines

    Any one from kerala interested please PM.I have a large collection from 2003 to 2010.
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    Nokia N8 hits Indian shelves tomorrow, for Rs. 26,259

    I got n8 for 24k.great phone compared to galaxy.superb camera.battery life superb.go for it.I will give you a complete review soon.
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    Blueray Laptop with Core i3 and Fingerprint reader

    Could you please tell me about the HP DM4 1024 TX its price at 50k and weighs only 2kg. HP DV6 2163TX laptop is 2.88kg in weight.
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    Blueray Laptop with Core i3 and Fingerprint reader

    No Problem.Can you suggest a few with fingerprint reader only and some with blueray.I am only looking for i5 so 1066mhz only.Thank You.
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    Blueray Laptop with Core i3 and Fingerprint reader

    Help to Find Blueray LAPTOP IN 60K I am looking for a laptop with following spec. 1.Blue ray Combo 2.Core i3/i5 3.Finger Print Scanner 4.HD LED Screen 5.500 GB HDD 6.4GB DDR3 1333MHZ RAM Please help me with this.My Budget is 60K.
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    Need Advice for Laptop

    I need to buy a laptop and priority is it should have a 1.Blue ray Drive 2.Finger Print Scanner 3.Core I3 Processor 4.4GB DDR3 RAM I prefer acer,lenovo Thanks in advance
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    Duplicate clone cd image(ccd) in bulk

    Any one know how to make duplicate clone cd image for bulk duplication.Gear pro not supported. Thanks in advance.
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    Problem with my DVD RW..!!

    I suggest LG.You can go for lightscribe if you are able to get lightscribe cd.LG now also comes with protection features.Sony DVD has durability.Samsung would be a bad choice.
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    Need a .reg file to modify media player

    Thank You Aspire.Pls visit my audio cd protection thread and give some idea,
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    Audio CD Protection

    @Tron You are right.I think the target wont get success if we look to protect an audio cd mode.We have to protect the mp3 in datamode. Thank You.
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    Audio CD Protection

    Thank you Paperheart for showing your interest in the forum.Normally most people are fedup with the topic saying its not possible.But I believe every thing is possible if we try.I dont want a complete protection.Three requirements needed given below 1.No 1:1 copying should be possible. Solved...
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    What is an avc1 file?

    Then its ok.
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    Audio CD Protection

    Guys,No one interested with the subject.
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