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    Report in Tapatalk

    Another issue I am facing is, not getting any push notifications at all. Already checked phone settings for notifications & also tapatalk settings are fine. Any suggestions.
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    Avengers: Infinity War [Spoilers]

    i read somewhere that the infinity war 2 title will be "Avenge us"
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    Horror Movies/Series discussion

    I am waiting for the "The Nun" movie now. i like how they are merging the Annabel & conjuring series.
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    Aadhaar related news and discussion

    When we have DNA linking / scanning tech here, other countries would be living on other planets by then having interstellar travel tech. :p
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    Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T??? Help me choose

    I dont mind it as I never change fonts on my phone lol. you should try all the apps on the play store on all the phones on this planet to check what one plus OS lacks :p
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    Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T??? Help me choose

    Okay, but I am not sure how this is relevant ? Anyways not able to change fonts is not a deal breaker for me at-least. :)
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    Honor View 10 vs OnePlus 5T??? Help me choose

    Now 5T also got treble support now in latest beta.
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    GPU for CS:GO

    Even My Laptop with 920 MX plays the cs go at full HD & all high settings fine. It's not very graphics demanding game.
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    Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

    So anyone bought this, please share experience. I only liked the AOE 2 conquerors back in old days, never like the AOE3. Hope this new one is the same feeling again...
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    Share your gaming experience with PUBG Mobile

    I never managed to perfect it on mobile, FPS games on mobile are very hard for me. Hence bought the PC version [from Steam] & now enjoying it.
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    PC configuration for daily use under 35k

    This might be the reason for chrome memory usage ==== Chrome is using 10-13% more RAM because of Spectre mitigation efforts ====
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    PC Game Deals

    Counter strike condition zero is selling for Rs. 34 only on steam if Nyone still interested in this game Sent from my OnePlus 5T using Tapatalk
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    Op 5t

    Check the attached screenshot, I have the latest update. Check your friends phone, he must have installed all the bloat. Sent from my OnePlus 5T using Tapatalk
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    Laptop for job and light gaming in 40k range

    It's a TN panel, yeah an avg screen. One should look straight to get the best view. Wish there was an IPS panel [emoji6] Sent from my OnePlus 5T using Tapatalk
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    Op 5t

    This proves you don't use the device at all. 1. There are only 3 icon packs, one plus, round, square which are there since nougat days. 2. There is no Google pay installed with any of the OTA. 3. You need to search the forum instead of telling others, paint chipping happens due to stock case...
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