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    Dead psu?

    I recently upgraded to Amd fx 8320 Gigabyte Mobo 8gb DDR Ram. While my graphics card and psu and cabinet remain the same. It worked fine till i was using it for just net surfing and a bit of Maya. But as soon as i Fired up Football Manager, the cpu shut down And does not power on...
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    wots the price of ati radeon 9500.. i was gonna go for ati radeon 9600se or fx 5200 128mb.. but the graph show 9500 is better.. wots the price ?
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    ati radeaon 9600se or fx 5200.. i have choice between them..pls help.. its urgent.. also are ti 4200/4400 cards still available in mumbai?.. are they better than the above cards...?
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    The best broadband offers available across India

    ISP: Hathway City: Mumbai Specific Areas:Mumbai Plan: Home:Infinity Speed Offered: 48-64 kbps Usage Limitation: unlimited Validity:Monthly Price:499 pm Comments: Good for avoiding telephone bills
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    Time to change my monitor????

    Hi.. i have 6-7 yrs old Acer 34e color monitor.. its started to flicker,sometimes goes off , sometimes the resolution changes autmatically?.. is it time to throw it away n buy a 17" samsung or shud i get it repaired?.. how much wud it cost for repair?..
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    Im gettin this config for 30k.. is it worth?...

    can any 1 suggest a reliable shop at lamington road?..
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    Im gettin this config for 30k.. is it worth?...

    thnx.. hi.. thnx for the reply guys.. im from mumbai... i dnt no assembling and I too felt the price quoted was high as i do have a fair knbowledge about hardware prices.. my situation is that , ill will be gone to canada next mnth, and i am buying this new comp for my parents n bro who...
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    Im gettin this config for 30k.. is it worth?...

    P-4 2.4Ghz HiS Motherboard with Intel 845 Chipset. 512 MB DDR RAM 80GB Samsung HDD 52X CD-RW ATI Radeon 9600SE 128MB 1.44 Floppy Drive Logitech Keyboard Samsung Optical Mouse Integrated LAN 17� Samsung Colour Monitor ATX Cabinet its gonna be all black.. is it worth the price?...
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    Suggest a pc for 30k!!!...

    pc... it will be used for games,browsing n ms office applications...
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    Suggest a pc for 30k!!!...

    Can someone suggest a pc config for 30k... thnx... no printer...
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    FIFA 2005 : KUDOS TO EA !

    e,... use the thru pass more ... its the e key...
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    Is some one trying to hack into my computer???

    i have a cable net connection...24*7....winxp.... i recently installed zone alarm firewall... since then i have been receiving a message that "Zone Alarm has blocked access to your comouter(netbios) from some ip address... i wanted to know if some 1 is tryin to hack into my comp or theres a...
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    Suprnova.org and TorrentBits.org are down...alternatives?

    bit... no im jsut using bittornado software..... wots irc channel.... n wots the diff?
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    Suprnova.org and TorrentBits.org are down...alternatives?

    bit... torrentreactor.net lokitorrent.com
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    NFS underground 2

    nfs... press m for map... and t for total race progres... btw.. any 1 tried playin on hard level.. its fun man...
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