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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. @krow: know where i can buy it online or some place in pune preferably... @asigh: yes the drivers are current.. i knew at the time of buyin the card that i will have to replace the stock cooler... just never got around to buying one.. read in the...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. Hi All... i just need to know which GPU cooler would be best for my graphics card (BFG GTS250OC) The stock cooler does not do much by way of cooling... after abt 90 mins of playing it gets heated up really high and the images on the screen begin to...
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    Graphic card confusion!!!

    Hi. i am a digit subscriber. I am looking to buy Forsa 7600GT. Thanks to your magazine that helped me decide. i have a pentium D 2.66 dual core processor, intel D101GGC mother board, 512 mb ddr ram and a regular 15" monitor. Will this card work on my system, if not then whic card should i...
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    Dr. DivX Needed

    Hi, How do i use virtual dub to compress the movies on my hard drive. I mean i tried one but the file expanded from 40 mb to 400 mb ??? :( Thanks Robs
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    Dr. DivX Needed

    Hi, i need aDr. Divx for compressing my movies.. can anyone help me out... i cannot buy it?? thanks
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    New processor and MoBo Reqd

    Hi, I need tu buy a new mobo and processor for a budget of rs6000... what do you guys suggest... Tne mobo can be based on 865 chipset also... i for one have gt the rates for celeron 2.26 ghz(Rs2500/-) and gigabyte GA8I865GV-ME mobo(Rs3500/-) Thanks, Robs :D
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    The Best Download Manager

    Hi, IDM will hands down.. Gives me speeds upto 14kbps.. averages around 8-9 kbps on a dial up connection... :)
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    Which is the best audio/video codec pack available ?????

    You can also use 1. Nimo Codec pack :: http://nimo.titanesk.com/modules/freecontent/index.php?id=1 or 2. Xp Codec pack :: http://www.xpcodecpack.com/ Xp is the better one i think :)
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    Ngage Browser

    RE:nGage- Browser i have downloaded opera for mobile but it would also be helpful if i get the default browser:) Thanks, Robs
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    Ngage Browser

    Thank you !!
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    VIRUS Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, my Pc has been affected with passam.c and passma.d worm which as far as i know is infecting all my .exe files... all the anti virus softwares that i have used only give the option to delete or quarantine the infected files... i cannot allow that as i will loose all my software setups...
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    Ngage Browser

    Hi, I need to neinstall the browser of my ngage again.. can anyone help me out how to do it..i have bluetooth adapter on my PC and all softwares installed to connect my phone on my laptop... Thanks Robs
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    TV Tuner Trouble

    Hi, First my Pc config... p4 1.5, 256mb Sd ram, 40gb samsung, 52x24x52x Cd-RW ASUS, Mercury 845 chipset based board p4vmm266 Fujitech FTV-878F TV Tuner I have purchased a Tv tuner card Fujitech FTV-878F ... when i install the card i.e. all drivers and software it works...
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    Required Partition Recovery Software

    Hi, Pc inspector is not for partition recovery... RIGHT???
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    Required Partition Recovery Software

    Hi, Can any one help me locate a partition recovery software which is fully free... not like ones that detect the partitions that were deleted buit donot let you recover them unless you pay ... need it very urgent] regards, Robs :shock:
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