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  • TX 750V2 is good, but for a single GPU setup, Even with a GTX 580, TX 650V2 is enough.. But ur choice.. more headroom is always better..

    Now, wat all comps u need n wats ur max budget..?
    If u are not going for multi-gpu, a 650W would be more than enough...

    Corsair TX650 V2 - 5.2k best 650w unit for the price..
    GX 750 has got bad reviews.. And none of the reviewers recommend it saying that it is good for only upto 600W.. In cooler master 'real power pro series' and 'silent pro series' are only good other than that CM produces bad PSUs....
    [not more than 800 watt] why?

    For 6k THE best u can get is Seasonic 750W SS-750JS - 5.4k
    Before getting the components, please start a thread or atleast message me like this so that it'll be easier to say which is good n bad..
    Jokhon board kharap hobe tokhon bhujbe RASHI peripheral ki jinish!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The price diff. must be 200-500 bucks depending on the location.. Where are u getting it from?
    If u can wait till tomo i can enquire the prices in chennai locally..
    So u wont be doing SLI/CF in future?
    Don't buy MAXIMUS IV GENE Z @ 12k.rashi peripheral khub baje.After sales service khub baje.Please avoid ASUS
    Buy MSI Z68A-GD55(B3) @Rs 9500/-
    Also if u are thinking of SLI/CF, get P8Z68 -V / PRO... Gene-Z is not suited for multi-gpu(slots close to each other..)
    Actually With Gene-Z the review states that, they cant OC as much as other Z68 or p67 mobos(there is a 100-200MHz diff.) so thats not gonna be an issue for u...

    The reason i didnt choose Gene-Z is tat i needed some extra PCI-E slots for my sound card...
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