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    Decent laptop around 50k

    That is not a good cpu. Intel Core i5 6200U vs 4200. I have a lappy with 4200U. Got it right after an AMD a10 (can't remember varient) based HP laptop. The AMD ran hot, but was far more powerful and far smoother than the 4200U. Both laptops were sub-50k and purchased an year apart. Would not...
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    It's been 1.5 years since I bought a 50k laptop...

    It's amazing that for 50k, these *******s are still trying to sell me a 820m or 840m (same as mine), and a crappy 5400 rpm HDD and a mediocre 4 cell battery with a shitty 720p panel. The only change is the ****in' CPU, and god knows intel hasn't improved much. My god, has the Indian market not...
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    Good HDD Caddy for z50-70 (lenovo)

    Need to slot in a SSD on my Lenovo Z50-70. Having checked the specifications: 2.5-inch, 9.5 mm SATA HDD 9.0 mm internal optical drive (rambo) I'm pretty sure a 9.5 mm caddy will do. Since I've never done this before, could somebody confirm that? I found a few topics on lenovo...
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    Laptop with great battery, decent performance for less than 80k

    Filled it. MB Pro goes out of budget once I include the extended warranty package.
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    Laptop with great battery, decent performance for less than 80k

    Hey, I need a laptop with great battery life (as close to the mac lines as we can get) and decent performance (at least Guild Wars 2 & League of Legends level). My budget is about 80k, and I'm definitely not going to import it. Do you guys have any recs? College starts next month and I need...
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    India's First MSI GT72 with Nvidia GTX 900 Series Coming Soon

    That's the main issue with these kinds of laptops: most people that can afford to buy this, will be able to import it at a cheaper overall cost through somebody. I think the only way to reduce costs here for these companies would be to maybe import the intermediate goods and do the assembly in...
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    Best VFM laptop under 60k.

    1) y510p was 58k. 2) It's obsolete because it had a good display. Lenovo decided to give us cheaper displays and pocket the difference. (See the difference between their y510p display and the display of y50-70).
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    Buying a new gaming laptop from Canada

    UHD display is quite decent. Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 (59424712) Notebook Review Update - NotebookCheck.net Reviews Much superior to lenovo's usual half-assed displays.
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    Is this much heating normal ?????

    Get it serviced. 1) Clean out vents. 2) Check out the thermal paste, may need replacing. If possible, buy your own thermal paste rather than use OEM stuff. Z5 is decent and you can get it for 400~. 3) Since your graphics processor was very active, I'm assuming you were gaming or some other...
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    70k laptop for mixed use

    The Indian laptop market's sophie's choice. They really should give screen options. I have a 1080p fHD in my z50, but I would have easily paid 5k more for a well calibrated, high-quality screen.
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    1) Anybody know a good screen calibration place in Nehru place? 2) What's the status of SSD warranties in India? They are easily 20-40% cheaper in the US, and I'd rather buy it there than here.
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    Best build quality laptop.

    The display. It seemed slightly better than the 53k fHD one. Neither seemed bad in the showroom, even though I know the pitfalls of a glossy display, but now that I've purchased it, the display is kind of a negative. Thankfully, with my use case being 95% inhouse usage, the weakness of the...
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    Buying advice for laptop within 45k.

    Dude... "nvidia 740m or maybe 820m" not even close to the same.
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    Best build quality laptop.

    I'm using the z5070 4042. 46k 2 gb 840m. The horizontal angles aren't bad at all, though tilting the monitor back will completely screw the image up. Without a physical colormeter I can't actually calibrate it, but even in the store, with a sidebyside comparison with the current crop of fHD...
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    Hey. How is your z50 laptop? Any drawbacks?

    Hey. How is your z50 laptop? Any drawbacks?
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