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  • hey keviv i am aditya. i have changed my plans now i will get my rig in pleease sugest me a gaming rig under 50k.
    i search the internet for this and found these components for my cpu . thought it would be best for my cpu , please suggest me .
    the configuration are
    amd phenom llx6 1090T
    ati redeon hd 5770
    Corsair 2X2Gb 1333Mhz DDR3 Value
    Cooler Master Elite 430
    FSP Saga II 400W
    seagate 500gb
    i dont know which motherboard to use and the stability and value for performance of this gaming rig .my budget is 45 to 47k. " i dont want external things like monitor, keyboard etc ". please can you help me and give me any suggestions.
    First, I didn't closed the thread. I don't have enough powers to close a thread. Some administrator or mod would have closed it.

    Second, Even if you buy a legit one, you will be having problems. Even if you are pirating one, you won't have a problem. It depends up on how well do know about computers.And how good you can use google.

    Third, the game is not 2k. It is 850 bucks.
    No, It won't be any problem. 6870 stands between HD 5850 and HD 5870. I think in full HD resolution 6870 will offer best Price/Performance ratio as it is expected to be have a price lesser than HD 5850.
    I play a lot of games. Some of the examples are COD6, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Crisis, Far Cry 2, Mafia 2, Witcher, Star Craft 2, Batmat Arkum Asylum, Call of Juarez 2 etc.
    Most of the games are playable @ high settings. However, for few titles @ full HD (1920X1080) resolutions, frame rate is getting lower in HD 5770. Examples are Crisis, Call of Juarez2 etc.
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