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    Auto Forward SMS As WhatsApp Message Instantly

    As far as I know, many apps exist to forward SMSes to email. That should serve your purpose. Make sure to check that the app you choose allows you to use an SMTP server of your choosing.. such as gmail, so that communication remains secure. Many of these apps use their own SMTP server, which...
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    1618845067 This setting was 4 and 7, have changed them to 1 each. You can still click "See all" and find all your notifications. Also added GIPHY support as a test:
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Notifications stay there. Like in Facebook, they stay, they just get marked as read.
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Restored the logo also..
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Cannot reproduce this... is it still happening?
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Does everyone see the WYSIWYG editor buttons again now?
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Replaced the old forum advt in FT with this one...
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    Xenforo Feedback Thread

    Digit is NOT a magazine, neither is it a website. It's a brand that wants to help people in India learn about tech, excel at it, and buy smartly. "Your Technology Navigator" We're not the type to try and force-fit solutions on people. Almost ALL of the people on this forum are in WhatsApp...
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    You should most certainly be able to access it via tapatalk. Many others are... what error are...

    You should most certainly be able to access it via tapatalk. Many others are... what error are you getting? Let me know in an email to robert at
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    Help needed in building game

    Sounds interesting, wish I knew how to code. :-( Now if anyone is building single player games, hit me up, I'd love to contribute to storylines and plots, etc.
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    What the hell happened to Digit ??

    The magazine is literally the smallest of our properties now. It's there and it's the most read tech mag in India for the past 18 years, but we have diversified into far more. The site is a much bigger monster and we have had a YouTube channel much before Indians were even watching anything on...
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    Minister Satyapal Singh calls for international debate on Darwin’s theory of evolution

    I agree with @Nerevarine An opinion should never be edited, no matter how idiotic it is. Censorship should be reserved only for extreme measures such as porn, inciting violence, etc. The rule you posted was about attacking people instead of their ideas. As much as I agree that it is absolutely...
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    Exclusive: iPhone XI renders leaked to Digit

    Read the story here. Tell us what you think about this development.
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    Laptop Servicing Survey

    Take the Survey Hi, We're running a survey about laptop servicing in India. Given that after sales service has become one of the focal points of both brands and buyers, Digit wants to find out about your experience. Let's work together and help improve the quality of service. If you own a...
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    Official Digit CTC VI discussion thread (WARNING: SPOILERS HERE)

    wtf, lol. alphabet to numbers numbers to binary You guys are being super lazy now!
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