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    Yahoo Messenger Problem

    some times it happend when u use internet through proxy
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    AutoPatcher XP July 2005

    seems like coool
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    lan file transfer

    hey there are softwares with the help of which u can scan a whole network netscan is one of them made by softperfect lanwalker and many more :roll:
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    what softice really is

    i want to know that what softice really is i have read in a e-book that by using softice and pressing ctrl+d and after that some cryptic manipulation we can crack anything if somebody give me link for this or some information then i will be highly obliged thanx in advance [/b]
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    linux bootloader

    hello everybody i m new to forum i have reinstalled windows xp now i have lost the bootloader of linux i have 4 partiotion on my hard disk linux is in hda4 i want to know i have both red hat linux 9 and fedoracore 2 installation cds is there any command by which i can...
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