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    [Query] ESD/Anti-Static bags/bubble wrap/foam

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    The Official Xiaomi Discussion Thread

    The most accurate visual description of Xiaomi Sales! [emoji23]
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    New site feedback thread - June 2014 - 13th Anniversary

    IMO, it was funny! [emoji23]
  4. pranjal.3029 Feeds and Tapatalk

    Yes. It is working fine for now.
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    [Query] ESD/Anti-Static bags/bubble wrap/foam

    My WD Blue 1 Tb 2.5" internal started giving me SMART errors randomly and now WD are picking it up for RMA but their premailer says that it has to be covered in some form of ESD bags. The problem is that I don't have the original packaging with me and I can't find ESD bags anywhere either online...
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    The RMA Experience Thread

    Guys, I am RMAing my 2.5" WD Blue and they(WD Support) ask me to keep it in an ESD Bag(Electrostatic Discharge Bag afaik) but I can't find one anywhere. Are there alternatives or am I stuck? Please help
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    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Ah! I see. I didn't know that WMA is also lossless, I used FLAC and Apple Lossless for my university studio. No worries though, I already own a Sennheiser HD 700 (courtesy: My University)
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    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Hahaha. Nicely done. I get your point. Thanks for explaining - - - Updated - - - I am thinking of now going all-out! How about the combination of VSX-1123-K & AJ-5237ZT? Also the VSX Series are listed as "regular AV recievers" and there is another LX series. Is that "advanced"? - - - Updated...
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    New site feedback thread - June 2014 - 13th Anniversary

    I have started receiving this error again. Clearing cache and re-adding isn't helping
  10. pranjal.3029 Feeds and Tapatalk

    I have started facing this issue again myself. Also the previous method has stopped working again. :(
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    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    I perfectly understand what you are saying and I agree. But perhaps I worded my query wrong. What I meant to ask was, in a direct comparison, in terms of sheer sound quality, will this setup be better than the bose system? Cause I haven't auditioned the pioneer setup yet and I want to make a...
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    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Is it better than Bose GS Series II 2.1 System? I auditioned it and it was pretty good.
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    Home Theatre Setup for 75k

    Hello, Digit Family, My family have just moved in our new home and we are now looking for a new Home Theatre Setup for our lobby. Our budget is Rs. 75k and our usage for the Home Theatre would be 60:40(Movies:Music) so we want a system which can suit our needs. I went to our nearby Mall and...
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    Budget Earphones Discussion and Buying Guide (less than ₹ 2OOO)

    I am also looking for a pair of IEMs for under 2k. Please suggest good ones.
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    Camera Bag under 700!

    I'll be fine. Thanks for your help! Appreciate it! - - - Updated - - - BTW, If I were to use the sling type back...which one would you recommend for my budget? - - - Updated - - - I don't think there is any sling-type bag in my budget so I haven't really got a choice! :D Thanks, again
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