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    New AMD Processors - ATHLON II coming!!

    Any of them for AM2+ socket, or are they all AM3?
  2. plsoft

    Not able to login into Yahoomail..Anyone else is getting same issue

    No problem with mine.. BTW i think this shud be in the QnA section..
  3. plsoft

    Hybrid Blu-Ray / DVD Disc Announced

    Source Agreed lots of titles included in one disc, but look at the price :shock:. Having said that, i do wish it becomes as popular as dvds & that the prices come down in a short period.
  4. plsoft

    [Preview + Feedback] December 2008

    Is ubuntu 8.10 in the cd or dvd image?
  5. plsoft

    Chrome Captures 1% Market Share In Just Nine Hours

    Maybe its cos everyone wants to try it out since it's from google :rolleyes:. I don't think those 1/2.578% of users use it as their primary browser. For me it's no the privacy thing, it just doesn't ring a bell.
  6. plsoft

    Google Chrome vulnerable to carpet-bombing flaw

    A child is vulnerable to a lot of diseases.
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    Pioneer claims 400GB, Blu-ray-like disc

    Just think how long it would take to burn it :rolleyes:
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    Mozilla Announces Release Date for Firefox 3 -- June 17th

    Maybe u got a corrupt plugin..
  9. plsoft

    Opera 9.5 final and Firefox 3 RC3 out now

    The new look is damn good, thanks for the news.
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    Well i have used both ICICI and Citibank account for mobile recharge & they have worked flawlessly for me. The only difference is that for citibank minimum recharge amount is Rs 330 whereas there is no such constraint in ICICI.
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    Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 released today

    @gx, i already downloaded silverlight on the 23rd of August (can't remember the site). So how come it's released on the 5th of Sept? Edit: K it was tafiti, thnx @dd_wingrider for the reminder.
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    Suggestion Box

    Please make Digit Archive software compatible with vista.
  13. plsoft

    HDD not detected

    SMPS: iBall 300W Secondary Master: Sony DVD-RW 810A Secondary Slave : Sony DVD-ROM. Anyway how do i differentiate b/w the old IDE cable and Ultra ATA cable since they both have same number of pins (40) & interface? Or can it be that my mobo doesn't support Ultra ATA? Well just a hunch.
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    HDD not detected

    I just bought a new 80 GB Ultra ATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10. I was going to use it as my primary slave but it is not detected by my system. Not only that, when i plug it in my computer refuses to boot. I tried to use it as primary master also, but still the same result. However, my old HDD...
  15. plsoft

    It has happened, AMD slashed Prices

    @kooldude, my apology, nways thnx for info.
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