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  • I think Vedant should stock it. Although i feel you can get lesser price than Vedant at some other stores. There is a Razer [ Razer is a reputedGaming Peripharals COmpany ] Dealer shop just behind Eastern Logica [ The original big store ] it might be available there. I don;t know the name of the shop though , but its just in the lane that is to the left of Eastern Logica.
    Yes Vedant is a good place , they stock the latest GPUs and PSUs. I try to go around multiple shops to get the best bargain :) Technocrat , Berlia , Alco Infotech , they quote good prices , i have bought from them before. There is a small shop called Clik Zone a few shops beside Vedant , you can ask for the prices from there , sometimes they quote really low prices , i've got a bargain for a few stuff from there.
    You could try Velocity Compu System, talk to Gaurav. You could give my ref, I am Saurav.
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