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    7300GT PCIe 1x Graphics Card

    I once had a crappy computer and was forced to use a pci graphics card. Trust me; you don’t want to do that. It might have been a considerable option back in 2000, but the cards haven’t been made for pci is so long, the best you could find would be generations old. That being said, the best...
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    Processor prference

    Well I got me an e8400 and I'm really liking it. I would imagine similar performance from an e8300. If you check benchmarks, the Q6600 doesn't perform as well in most cases, but there's lots of talk about the quad cores becoming much better once they're utilized properly. I personally would get...
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    Huge performance boost... I think

    I just got my new computer working, and while I'm very satisfied with the performance increase, I'm a little confused about some of the results of my comparisons. My previous cpu was an Athlon 64 3400+ with a Radeon x1900gt and 1gig of ram. Honestly, it was fine. It took everything I threw at...
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    Can I install Windows Vista on External HDD

    I didn't know that. Of course, I never really had the desire to take the case off of an external hard drive. I always figured they were built specifically for usb connection. Learning that they are just pre-converted internal drives is disappointing.
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    urgent help to boot my pc

    It sounds like a power problem in my opinion. Unless you’re going to have loads of drives, graphics cards and whatnot, you probably won’t ever go over 350W. Cheap no-brand power supplies will die on you (one exploded on me while I was playing Doom 3). Buy a power supply that’s somewhere between...
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    Can I install Windows Vista on External HDD

    I do believe that you can buy a adapter that will allow an external harddrive to plug into an ide or sata slot. I assume that with one of those it would function like an internal drive.
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    Suggest Motherboard

    I must say this as it has caused me much grief in the past. Whatever board you buy, please please please research it. First and foremost make sure that the motherboard will accept your cpu out-of-box, because if it turns out that you need a bios upgrade you're not going to have fun. Second, look...
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    need help in buying a good 19' LCD monitor

    Check the Westinghouse brand. Their products are very cheap and they work well in my experiences. My 19in widescreen I got 2 years ago has been working great with no problems whatsoever. It's got DVI (and VGA if you care), and the picture quality is very nice. The only gripe I have with it is...
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    help plsss... anybody

    If you're using two sticks of ram with different speeds, I would assume they would work as long as you set the faster one to work slower. There should be an option in your bios set up to set ram speed. Make sure that the speeds are the same, and also make sure that the speeds match with the fsb...
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    Want New Sata H.D.D. And........

    I would personally recommend a WD harddrive. Of course they perform well, but I recommend it because customer service is good. The first WD harddrive I ever bought died on me, so WD sent me a new harddrive along with packaging to send my old one back (and the process was done all in one shot...
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    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    OK, once I get home I'll dig around the case and see if there's really a speaker or not. My case is from an old eMachines computer I had many years ago. It's a pretty solid case, and it's not too big, so I kept using it. Anyway, does anybody know if an eMachines comp case has speakers anywere...
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    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    Well, I’m starting to think it’s the ram. I checked the biostar website, and with only one 2 gig ram stick reported as working, I’m thinking that maybe mine isn’t compatible. I Can afford to try another (reported as working) ram stick, but I’m still feeling a bit unsure. Ever since the post...
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    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    You know what, I think I'm just gonna return all of this stuff and get my money back. I don't really feel like buying other parts to possibly find out that the problem lies elsewhere, but most importantly, I'm sick of cheap motherboards. I always used to think that as long as the computer worked...
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    Which to choose b/n SATA or IDE optical drive?

    If the prices aren’t much different, I would definitely go with SATA. The cables are smaller and easier to manage, SATA allows for hotswapping (if you ever care to do that), and it’s apparently faster (though I don’t really notice too much of a difference myself).
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    Problem with my new comp. Need help identifying problem

    Are you saying that this system won't boot without an SATA hard drive? Sounds odd to me; I would assume that it would at least give me some display or something, even when no drives are connected.
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