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    java problem..

    hi frnz... i hav two html pages.. a.html and b.html there is a interface of servlet between this two pages if username and password entered in a.html is valid then jumps on b.html.. now i hav a hidden field in my b.html.. i want to set the username in hidden variable of b.html from a.html.. what...
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    bootable cd to bootable pen drive

    use the cd that come along with ur pen drive.. attach the pen drive... insert the disk... then there is a option of make the usb to bootable usb-zip.. complete the procedure... and make ur pen as a bootable one..
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    pen drive problem..

    hi frnz... i have a pen drive of 1 GB of Transacand.. there is some virus which is kepping it to "write protected" mode... i tried for all the format option like dos format,from disk management, n using the disc of transcand,no option is working..there is no option of unprotect in this...
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    whenever i click on my c:,d:,e:,f: then it says copy.exe is missing......... then i formatted my c: ........ still it is happening with all remening drives except c: ......... is there any such file releted to drives and independent of with the info in c: ????? i cant format all my dives.. isnt...
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    My lappy hanging

    ya dude....same is happening with me.. there r some unmovable files in my c: ... i thnk due to that unmovable files this all is happening and i couldnt got any method to remove those files...
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    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall?

    hey thanx....its working...
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    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall?

    thanx,but there is filter in our college where all proxies and ip's are blocked. it says requested url cant be retrieved. so this cant be opened. isnt there any another method?:(
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    [Feedback] Web site

    where this cookies r set 4m????n this happens on all pc's of my college....
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    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall? proxies allowed....any proxi opens for 2-3 days and gets blocked automatically....and is also blocked...
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    Add ur name to right click Of my Computer

    i will try it in college!!!!!!
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    Remove Rontok

    zabardast!!!!!!! zabardast work yar!!!!!!!! too zabardast work!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Creating icons

    ya same hereee........ say wat to do????
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    Changing XP password without old password

    ya,i tooo.... bt good strategy to shheaar the knowledge.. keeep it upppppp!!!!;) ;) ;)
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    "It's now safe to Shutdown" also now for xp

    its running guy!!!!! nice info!!!!!!!! thnx...
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    TUTORIAL: Add DEVICE MANAGER, CONTROL PANEL, Etc. in My Computer Context Menu !

    2 nice n tilented peoples in dis forum!!!
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