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    pc tv tuner card

    u can go for compro tv/pvr fm which costs abt 2000 bucks...supports mpeg2 and mpeg4 ( divx) recordings....excellent picture quality....
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    Hi! U can look for COMPRO TV/PVR FM..with FM audio..i currently have this card...exceptional picture quality....supports recording in mpeg2(dvd format) and mpeg4( divx) too....340 channels..... cost abt: Rs.2000.. Available at: Mediatech, Andheri...or Lamington Road - Shop Next to PC...
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    Help!! Choice of Cabinet+ heatsink+fan+thermal paste

    Hi! I'd really appreciate if you cud help me with the following.... well tmrw i'm gonna go hunt for a decent cabinet & heatsink+fan+thermal paste for my pc with prescott 3.0GHz which sadly is giving me sleepless nights with its high temp...( idle temp arnd 56-58'c)....forget abt paying...
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    mobo+cpu at 8k

    well u can get AMD 939 3000+ and MSIK8NGM2-L for about 10,400 ...MB has 16xpciEx, SATA 2, nvidia 6100/410 chipset, 8 USB2.0 , SATA RAID 0,1,0+1, etc..) ....if u r on a tighter budget go for BIOSTAR T-series TForce 6100-939 or Foxconn 6100K8MA-RS MB which would cost u abt 3500 and processor(3000+...
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    asking the most stupid Q : WHAT TO BUY PC TABLE . sugg plz

    Another important aspect you should look for is that the mouse plam rest position - which should be at the same level as that of the keyboard and you shouldn't be stretching your hands to reach out for the mouse....
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    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    till last week noone was having MSIK8NGM2-FID...only GM2-L was available....they say it has not been released in india.....if u can't get GM2-FID go for ASUS VM CSM....
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