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  • Okay that's cool.. I wonder.
    Reason: I also took Biology in 12th to have knowledge about the biology.(But i was sticking with PCs :D )
    So If you have real interest,then nothing can stop you.
    1.If you want to get placed VERY quickly, then i would recommend RHCE or any other Redhat based certifications. (If you have deep pocket go for this)
    2.If money is the trouble for you, then go for COMPTIA based certifications,since they can be self-taught and also the exam fee is less.of course, Redhat also can be learned by yourself,but when it comes to exam you have to pay around 15k to 20k*
    Also NO basic is required. But if you have some,then it will be great.
    BTW,which OS are you using?

    P.S : Linking doesn't work in visitor messages so im posting the link here.
    Now on Street Fighter Vs tekken.bought a gamepad from my frnd and started playin.have university xam on 25th,wil play the arcade mode after that.playing on a local gamepad takes off the thrill.i used to play it on my PS2.
    which part are u from,me from koottanad|pattambi|palakkad district.
    I don't play lefty :p. That video is mirror image.

    That 10-7 part is actually 7p0 and 10p0 and it is supposed to be fingerpicked, but I can't do it so fast, so I strum it with the thumb.
    Yes you can downtune it. I myself keep changing from Dropped D to standard frequently. Since mine has a normal bridge tremolo, it will eventually get out of tune with frequent use. If you plan on using a lot of whammy, you might as well get a guitar with a floyd-rose tremolo. You can only use one tuning on it though and retuning it is a pain in the ass.
    I've never been to any major gig. Planned for Metallica, but that plan got botched. Will definitely go for LOG. Once the tickets come out that is.
    Nope, I am from Ballarpur, studied in Nagpur, working in Pune. LOG coming Bangalore in May, you going?
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