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    Intel Dual Core processors

    ur sig: Axp supports ECC ?!?!
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    help: - Installing Cabinet FAN....

    Thank god, we don't need 2 read ur posts in your handwriting :)
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    Few questions regarding RAM

    DDR SDRAM is a lot like regular SDRAM (Single Data Rate) but its main difference is its ability to effectively double the clock frequency without increasing the actual frequency, making it substantially faster than regular SDRAM. For example, with DDR SDRAM, a 133 MHz memory bus clock rate...
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    water cooling

    Prime ABGB, Lam Rd. Mumbai.Ask for Gulbir Bhatia.Ph.23855500 . I had got a TT Aquarius II liquid cooling sustem some timeback for around 7K from them. Cool :). If u got the moolah, try sales@netwebindia.com for the Corsair Hydrocool System. Last time I asked, it was 20 k inclsv of taxes and...
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    Heat Sink - your view

    If u're really into OCcing, try water cooling. I'm using a TT Aquarius II on my Barton 3200+ and the temps have dropped around 10 deg C. I got the kit from Prime ABGB in Mumbai.
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    nVidia nforce4 Ulltra or Intel 925X-64

    U said it. As of right now, AMD/ nVidia rock. Let them come up with their thingies and then we'll see how much diff there will be then. Mebbe Intel will catch up.
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    SLI. Is nVIDIA digging its own grave?

    I'm a bit late, but didn't Alienware come up with this SLI? As far as I know, Alienware PCs developed this tech and they already ship models with this tech. Coming back to the topic, If I had the moolah, I would go for it...."If".In theory, SLI will give me more bang than regular advances in...
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    which floppy drive to buy?

    Floppies r dead. Get a usb flash drive instead. Just check if ur mobo supports booting from USB device first.
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    I think the correct expression would be "amd will get u much further for less." The FX53 stomps anything that Intel can throw at it into the mud. Don't take my word for it. Check out any comparison carried out by independent tech reviewers (not the ones commisioned by Intel, though!).
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    Two processors on a motherboard

    It doesn't quite work that way. The only way u can take advantage of dual CPUs is if ur OS can use them. Usually what will will happen is, say u r running a program that is not optimesed for dual CPU, it will use the resources of only one CPU. But if the program is optimised for dual CPU, the...
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    A little off topic..

    Re: whats the use getting a coolmaster in india its Cooler Master. btw, did'nt get u mate. What exactly are u asking??
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    Coz u didn't offer any alternative and Intel is the only alternative(though a poor one!) to AMD! :D
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    Ya, u should waste it on an Intel!! Expensive and lower perf than AMD. Makes sense.
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    How to Share agp memory?

    Boot into the BIOS and check out the advanced chipset config. There u can allocate the ram for graphics. It might be mentioned as shared agp memory or something like that (I haven't tried ur mobo but its basically the same in all BIOSes). Don't confuse it with AGP aperture size.
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    upgrade:what should i buy?

    Athlon 64s are 32bit compatible so u can use it till true 64 bit apps r available. The costs are comparable to 32 bit proccies and the performance is also better. Plus, u r future proof. Get with it and get a 64. No use buying a 32 bit system unless u r on a tight budget or u if u require the pc...
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