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    need to buy a laptop

    i want to buy a laptop. i hav 50k in hand. i will use it for gaming & multimedia purpose. secondly is it best to buy a desktop or laptop? plz give ur suggestion.
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    Which games are you playing now?

    :p im playin nfs:mw & far cry 3rd time.
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    can play urban terror in single mode?

    :( sum1 rply!! ith a solution plz???? da version of game is 4.0
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    Which game do u think has the best ending EVER?

    :) i can say again its far cry and also now NFS:underground2. i like its night races very much. you can modify cars everything. i love to add mostly neon lights!!!
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    Get back ur lost phone!

    wats dis IEMI number can u tell???:confused:
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    can play urban terror in single mode?

    so wat u hav done 2 play with the bots??
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    can play urban terror in single mode?

    :confused: dats wat im asking How can i play it against Bots?????????????
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    can play urban terror in single mode?

    this july month digit had given a game Urban Terror. its an online game. How can i play this game against BOTS????:confused:
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    Vista Service Pack 1 Beta Comming This July...

    :Dare kuch samajh mai nahi ata. :confused: Jab baap pahalvaan 2 beta kyon beach mai aya:D
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    Vista is still the most secure OS to date.

    :D wat sayin vista most secure one. forget it. who would one pay 15k for that security?
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    23-year-old develops website that matches Orkut!

    [COLOR="Magenta"]i think i have change my view. U are great...great...great....GREAT.[/CO:smile: LOR]
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    Windows Vista Prob

    problems...problmes and it is a problem of RAID. I cant hel[p]:rolleyes:
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