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  1. mohit sharma

    Regarding Laptop table in Mumbai

    Hello guys, i am thinking about purchasing a laptop table, i had below linked product in my view, kindly suggest if it is okey, or give any other better choice? should i go through purchase on ebay or any better place to find it in mumbai? Ultra Portable Foldable Laptop Table With 2 USB...
  2. mohit sharma

    missing sound drivers in windows xp x64 sp2

    tried it, but didn't gave any result. no cd is provided by sony, besides on their website they provide drivers for win7 onwards only. going to try it as last measure.
  3. mohit sharma

    missing sound drivers in windows xp x64 sp2

    Hello People, I had recently installed windows XP with Windows 7 in dual boot mode, problem is in windows xp x64 sound is not working, in device manager: other devices: Audio Device On High Definiytion Audio Bus is shown in yellow question mark. (ref attached screenshot.) i am also...
  4. mohit sharma

    way to backup whole gmail account.

    Hello guys, Is there any way i could easily take all of my gmail account data ( like mails, saved chats) to offline store ? any way other then manually doing it ?
  5. mohit sharma

    Trouble in deciding external HDD

    Queries: 1)Any problem with 1TB Goflex in terms of performance? 2) does 1TB goflex requires external power ? 3) which one is more dependable 500GB goflex or 1TB GoFlex ? 4) i don't have budget probs till 1TB, which one should i opt for WD or Seagate Goflex ?
  6. mohit sharma

    Trouble in deciding external HDD

    Hello guys, I am planning to buy an external HDD, but i am getting it hard to decide which one, i prefer 1TB HD but can go for 500GB, because what matters most is the data i will store in it. i was going for 1TB goflex from seagate, but people suggested me about it's complaints of freequent...
  7. mohit sharma

    Free Resources for Learning Programming

    elmasri and sudhershan bith books are available on net , not posting links here as it would be illigal around here, anyways if any prob. , just drop me a mail at pandittest1atgmaildotcom.
  8. mohit sharma

    Any DELL Inspiron 1525 Users in Delhi who purchased this year?

    i don't know why it took so long to u , i got it in my city ( somewhere near delhi ) just 6 days after ordering . I purchased it in march this year , and i am very very satisfied with it's performance say i will happily give it 4 stars out of 5.
  9. mohit sharma

    how to partition windows space ...

    thanks a lot guys :-)
  10. mohit sharma

    how to partition windows space ...

    long long time ago there was an article in an issue of Digit about how to partition ot ur 80 GB space on hard disk while installing windows , after a search in my big pile of old editions i m not able to found out the edition in which that article was :-( , so guys my query is : i had 160...
  11. mohit sharma

    Why did she say no?

    u need to go to a good counselor ,he/she will give u a proper answer , anyways the improper answer is that she can't love ( that way ) to everyone she just smiled at one time or the more , second she knows xactly what her priorities are right now !
  12. mohit sharma

    Rate the avatar above yours

    good one 8/10
  13. mohit sharma

    Post your mobile cam pics

    shot with k750i THEY SAYS it's biggest moon v could spot in 8 years !!
  14. mohit sharma

    Google Launched IMAP Support for Gmail

    Re: Gmail may bring IMAP support
  15. mohit sharma

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    all 3 bourne movies spy game http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spy_Game Gladiator
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