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    HDD ErroR

    hello i have an error on my hard disk in speedfan is showing this is this gonna end of HDD plz tell me about its solution if not possible than any prevention for this
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    need gpu under 3000 /-

    thanks everybody, now i decided to buy r7 240 after a month or 2 months...
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    need gpu under 3000 /-

    ok, then tell me how much money i should spend for good gaming graphic card
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    need gpu under 3000 /-

    i need a gpu for playing latest games like assassin creed fifa 14 etc. plz suggest a graphic card under 3000 and my system config is intel g33 motherboard intel core2duo e7400 cpu 2 gb of ram 320 gb hdd plz help me:-?
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    want to buy cabinet an psu

    thaks for advise.... and my pc config is written below intel core 2 dou 320Gb hdd 250watt psu intel G31/33 motherdoard and the worst part is that its a slim cabinet if i miss something then remind me but i think that is enough to know
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    want to buy cabinet an psu

    I have dell inspiron 530s pc i want to upgade to play latest games on my pc but because of its config i can't play latest games so i want to buy a cabinet and a psu for it and my budget is 4000 rs. plz help me as soon as possible..........:|
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    Nexus 7 16 Gig WiFi @ Rs. 9,999 on Flipkart!!

    what about 3g version ?
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    Tab to buy???

    Nexus 7 ithe best bcause u can get latest update on only on Nexus devices in compare to any other brand
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    Green lines on Monitor

    i have Dell E1909W monitor .... when i start my pc then everything behave normaly and after some time(half hr approx) my monito showing green line on it. so i've 2 question 1. what is the cause of it and 2. how can i solve this plz... help me :-? and i've Dell inspiron 530s with...
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