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    14 yr old kid in the field of Computers,Security

    Its gr8 top see a 14yr old Kid having sound knowledge of computer tricks & i will be glad to advice u for ur career. Well i see tht u r interested in Computer security & web designing. Well, as far as my knowledge is concerned I think u should go for computer security as tht more paying job...
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    Share short-term courses you have studied.

    I have done Oracle 10g DBA from Wilshire tech. (Hyderabad) - 2 months
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    What is the best thing to do in a slowdown

    Thts true vamsi.... I think this is the best time to focus to enhance our skills in our desired field by taking certifications or learn latest technologies which might be helpful further.
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    HDD copy speed slow ???

    The issue could be of RAM or HDD: -Check by upgrading the RAM. -Check ur HDD using Seagate's Seatools, u can download from this link : Hey... forgot to add this tool link too:
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    What is the best thing to do in a slowdown

    Well.. I feel the best thing to do at such time is to pursue degree of the same profession, which would be helpful to enhance our professional skills, wait for the economy to stable & a professional degree would always be an advantageous in our career growth.
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    lost my driver cds

    Well.. u can contact the customer support by email or chat session which u can find their home page or u can download ur self from the link on by clicking "Software & Driver downloads" & enter the model number.
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    Need help in choosing a career

    Well... first do let us know ur qualification and ur interest so tht we can suggest. But personally I do believe tht, do pursue your career in the field in which you are passionate abt. However, we can advice better once we get to know more abt ur area of interest & ur professional background...
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