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  • The series of Books include -

    > Before the beginning, After the end - Beyond the Universe of Physics.

    > The Cosmic Matrix - In The Light of The Vedas.

    > The Realm of Supraphysics - Mind, Energy and Matter in The Light of Vedas.

    > The Whole Being - A Journey Towards Harmony and Happiness

    > The Ultimate Dialogue: The Fusion of Knowledge, Intelligence and Action

    I assure you, each and every word of these books is worth reading. To me, this is a divine work. Have a look brother
    thanks a lot brother
    now a days I am listening to Rajiv Malhotra, astonished by his intellectual capacity

    And I would like to share with you a series of books.By a leading intellectual, a careful study of Vedic texts and their significance in understanding science, the nature of the Universe, energy, and other physical manifestations. contribution both to Indian religious literature and early Indian scientific understanding.
    I also sent this message to Rajiv Malhotra, and he replied that he knew the author personally, who used to stay in Rajiv ji's home in his last days.

    The author is Rishi Kumar Mishra, who wrote a series of books after 30 years of rigorous research, on Vedic Sciences and Vedic Universe. He worked closely alongside the late prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, and was a member of Indian Parliamenet, upper house.
    Of course I am interested bhai :) will be glad if u send me more and more links :)
    And your posts in the God vs Science debate are really wonderful bhai, salute to u..
    U too from computer science field? :)
    YAY, my first visitor message. lol
    Neways, definitely not NCERT. Its the worst glorifying mughals and not mentioning the invasion and the aryan invasion fantasies,christening bhagat singh etc as 'extremists'.Lol.

    You wanna know bt it, then go for Puranas and Upanishads, coz they r basically commentaries on Vedas. Perhaps u can start with GITA. Try to get ur hands on 'Shrimad Bhagvada Gita in Pictures' by P.S Mehra, if u can get one. Hope u have read bt Ramayana and Mahabharata. Also join some Hindu forums. I joined some years back, and was surprised by the amount of information there. Hinduism is nothing but the true history of INDIAN past like mahabharat, Ramayan and all. Word Hindu, AFAIK, came out from Sindhu, that is those who live beyond this region. So basically in true definition Hindu means people who live in INDIA irrespective of religion. But today we all know what Hinduism means, a distorted set of human fantasies!

    But with that you need to know whats real and whats distorted. Devour some.......

    There r other reads I have, but I guess I linked many in debates. So start with GITA. :)
    Buddy what are the good sources to learn about hinduism. Any book you recommend ?
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