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    IMPORTANT: Reserve Bank to withdraw all pre-2005 currency notes from circulation

    i have less than Rs 500 in cash . I don't think my family keeps much cash . so no issue for us .
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    Apple relaunching 8GB iPhone 4 in India to boost sales

    At 15000 (without any buyback) iphone 4 is very good mobile for most people . Better than Samsung grand ,duos etc and chinese mobiles and clones . Good quality ,durbale ,style it has everything . Its camera is better than most mid range android . My relatives wanted to buy a mobile in 15k-20k...
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    26 Dec : Got free songs from apple
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Instapaper is free this week .
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    Is Gujarat really as developed as NaMo and the BJP claim?

    I have been to many cities in Gujarat and yes it is developed compared to states like UP or even other states.Even in rural areas and tier 2 cities roads are better. But none of the indian states can be compared to developed countries.
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Thanks Anorion.Downloaded infinity blade.
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    Official iOS devices thread

    Is it possible to download stuff using torrent in iPAD ?
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    Best android games you have played.

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    New Optical Drive

    Best strategy is to backup very important docs online and back up rest (video,audio,photos etc) in external HDD and optical media. Verbatim is very good. I have used sony also and most of the DVD i have burned in 2007 are working fine even today.
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    Apple's iOS 7 makes users sick

    I have upgraded my ipad and dont have any issues.I like the new iOS.
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    iOS price drops (time sensitive)

    Good work ..Thanks for regular update.
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    Nexus 7 2012 16 GB for Rs 9999 ONLY

    great deal for general purpose tablet..
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    From the Editor's Desk

    i was going to subscribe..But it is only for existing subscriber of cip,data quest etc or DIGIT..
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    Apple iPhone 5C to start from Rs 30,000 and iPhone 5S from 52,900 :O

    These are not the offcials prices..only prices quoted by one particular website.
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    Budget iPhone 5c Awaiting From Long

    Re: Budget I Phone 5c Awaiting From Long Apple has great service in USA. Has anybody used apple customer service in India ? i have not seen any genius store in India. In USA you can bring your broken iphone to apple store and get a new iphone in 5 minutes ..I doubt the service is comparable...
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