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    The best broadband offers available across India

    nebody heard bout REALTEL ???
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    using pirated xp?

    ho ho , r u worrying bout the finances of microsoft :?: :twisted: got 1 word 4 u , ' dont ' as far as if its ethical or not , think urself as robin hood or something , d/l-ing the latest upd8ed version of XP n distributing it amongst ur friends , in a fight against microsofts...
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    using pirated xp?

    ok u cant upd8 ur XP sometimes , big deal i have pirated XP SP2 , d/led via torrents . havnt faced a single problem yet . u cant ask 4 more . what upgrade the MS site is offering right now , will b built in the next updated XP it launches . u can surely wait 4 a while , if u want these...
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    APC UPS VS Microtek Double Battery

    i dunno bout the apc 1 , but i have the microtek 800VA dual batt , n 2 say the least i m quite happy with it . 1ce i tested it somewhat , it gave me bout 35-40 mins with monitor on . the other time with the monitor off ( while d/ling ;D ) , the backup was above the 80 mins mark . even...
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    Which brands of cellphones do u have.

    nokia 6600 n a reliance samsung 1 , dont care what its model no. is :D
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    k750i or s700i

    k750i , coz its lighter , sexier , takes better pics n pays those games well :D
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    Which games are you playing now?

    san andreas n nfsu2
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    u gotta press 1 of the right or left keys 2 :D
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    Would you like to see DFI in India with there Motherboard

    customer likes 2 b spoilt with choices . customer is king . DFI is brilliant . :lol: all these things point 2 the necessity of DFI launching there boards here in india ( add abit 2 the list ) newayz , they r located so near 2 india , they wont have problemz in transportaion even if they...
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    m using rs480 currently . tweak the bios , n set the video memory 2 128mb . have done so . working fine go 4 lg flatron E700SH . have this 1 . quite gud , ditched samsung 4 it . n the price's not 5k but 7k 4 both the companies btw , my config seems similar 2 urs except i gotta 160gb sata :D
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    Any one else has this Gmail Problem???

    no probz 4 me . using opera try checking up with ur isp if they r having problem or something . might work , very few chances
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    .:: Some Queries Regarding Nokia 6600 ::.

    was talking bout 6600 , the 1 the threadz bout :D btw i bought it a yr n half back . cost me 24000 :cry: man tech world advances . 4 3k less i can get a k750i 2day which the 6600 aint even comparable 2 :evil:
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    .:: Some Queries Regarding Nokia 6600 ::.

    have 1 the speaker volume is low + slow proccy everything else is fine
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    Should I buy Radeon 7000 PCI-VGA card for Rs. 2100??

    the 1 u r talkin bout is totally roobish :D i have a geforce fx5200 128mb which i dont use no more coz got a new rig a month back . its 13 mnths old . if interested , pm if not , u always have the 7000 2 fall back on :D
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    Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament ??? Which???

    UT . 4 the gameplay , graphics n guns . the 3 Gz :D
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