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    Happy new year to all you guys...:C_xmas:
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    what precautions are you taking against swine flu?

    I go around people having cold or cough and stand besides them... I also get to the Airport just to meet some unknown foreigners, and ya I also meet those poor patients suffering in the hospital... man,.. I love India TV... :|
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    New photo from Prince of Persia:Sands of Time movie

    What the F noob... :P
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    ^No problem, and best of luck.. :D
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    I wasn't intended to tell you, you are really improving btw, and I know Open Source rocks, still try to use Photoshop CS3 or something, it will only help you in the future, and one more thing, just try to learn from tutorials as much as you can, there are loads of them, but the one that I posted...
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    Happy Birthday Cyberjunkie

    If I don't wish him then I'll get a ban.. so Happy Birthday... he he.. just joking.. :P
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    Let's get in touch DF's

    I do usually stay online, but more thime in the night, I think many users are online at the night time, or you can find them onliine from 2pm also...
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    Request your Signature/Avatar/Logo Here

    looking at the type of Avatars and Signatures, it makes me laugh.. no offense, but you guys should improve your skills, and really it's need lot of work... try and try some tutorials from it.. naabs.. See my Signature and learn.. P.S: this was a wallpaper that I made for my...
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    The thread: Collaborating Digit Tweets

    Very less people are frequent users of twitters, looks like noobs can't seem to understand how to use it.. :D
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    Is Doing BCA then MCA an good choice?

    I thought MunnaBhai was doing MBBS... gosh... had he got a new gf.. ? Hmm.. now I have to see the film again to understand the new plot.. :(
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    Michael.. What happend to your face...

    Many people said that he himself intended to change his skin color, and had purposely did the plastic surgery, but who knows, the truth is i liked the old Michael and now he's no more, just RIP MJ... :(
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    What a post... :lol:
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    the FOOTBALL channel

    Lulz... :P
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    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Coz i wasn't there to get pwned.. :-P
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    Happy Birthday mrintech and all others.. :D

    Wish you a very blasting birtday buddies.... deivaprasath (51), sau.moinak1 (23), mrintech (22), raja.mailtome (22), marchelyx (20), amberiya (20), cyberabhilash (18), pramitkumarpal (17) Congrats... now parcel me the cake... :lol:
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