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    Wifi shows connected but connection status is shown as "No Internet Access"

    Hi, I have bsnl wimax connection and use wifi to connect the internet. I see the below issue sometime in my laptop. The wifi is shown as connected in the network connections, but it has a yellow triangle like thing on the icon which shows "No Internet Access". I tried disconnecting and...
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    Issue with tabs in Chrome

    Hi All, I have been facing some strange issue while using chrome. When i have multiple tabs opened, say like 10 tabs..if i close the first or second tab (or the tabs in the beginning), the some of the other tabs get closed automatically (mostly the tabs at the end). When i close a tab in the...
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    Android market login issue with Xperia Neo V

    i tried vodafone mobile conenct but it didnt work also.. it worked on wi fi..i used to my friends galaxy mobile as wifi hotspot and got connected..i could login into market, facebook, etc..and added the accounts in settings..but after i disonnected from wifii and tried to login through data...
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    Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?

    dnt know the prices in stores..one of my friend bought xperia neo v for around 18k from a shop.. that was the cheapest i found online..
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    Android market login issue with Xperia Neo V

    i am using vodafone..tried it aircel also but no luck..
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    Android market login issue with Xperia Neo V

    i tried that also..but showing the same error..i havent checked with wi fi yet..anyways i will chk it with wifi
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    Is it wise to buy Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V?

    bought neo v from ebay for 15.4k..also got to choose a christmas gift either a jabra bluetooth headset or micromax phone..
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    Android market login issue with Xperia Neo V

    Hi Guys, I bought a xperia neo v 2 days back and now i am facing a problem. i cant login into the android market, maps,gmail etc..when i sign in its says "Cant establish a reliable data connection. This may be a temporary problem or data provisioning is not enabled in your sim. please...
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    Buying a new mobile - Help Needed

    Hi Guys, i am planning to buy a android phone.. i will be mostly using it for browsing and gaming(not high end)... the phone i was intrested in was Motorola defy..in indiatimes shopping the price is abt 14.5k..is it ok? in ebay after applying coupon you can get it for 14k.. since defy+ is...
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    new hardrive

    hi guys i have a gigabyte motherboard with only one ide port which is connected to HDD and ODD.Now I want to buy a new hardrive of sata interface.My board has 4 sata ports.can i use the old ide hard drive with the new one and how can i make the master slave arrangement. Now the hard drive is...
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