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    Forget iPhone, Add Calling to iPod Touch

    Well they should also add that it is only compatible with the 2nd generation ipod...1st gen Ipod doesnt have a microphone :(
  2. kirangp

    TERROR ATTACK!!! Firing and blasts in Mumbai...

    I offer my condolences to all the people attacked, dead and those who had to go through this trauma. It seems like India has become one of the terrorist hubs.. I really feel sad when I think all this is happening in my country. There was a time when I never had any fear about going anywhere but...
  3. kirangp

    Gmail gets video and voice chat

    cool...have been waiting for a long time
  4. kirangp

    HD4850 in GDDR4

    when are they going to release the 4000 series variant for notebooks..I am waiting for them...faster AMD faster :x
  5. kirangp

    All Kannadigas Here.

    yellarigu namaskaara haagu yellarigu kannada rajyotsavada shubhashayagalu :)
  6. kirangp

    Fallout 3 Not Coming to India

    Fallout 3 is not coming to India, Microsoft India announced. The highly-anticipated action-RPG was originally going to release in the country on October 28 on the Xbox 360, but was pulled because of "cultural sensitivities." According to Gamingindians.com, Microsoft sent out an official...
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    Post Ur Feelings.

    sad cause I am missing India :(
  8. kirangp

    Sun for sale? Dropping profits, stock price fuel speculation

    Dropping profits and stock prices have analysts speculating that Sun could be a target for either acquisition or a restructuring in which the company would sell off parts of the business and focus on a smaller set of technologies. "In 12 months, Sun will not be the same company it is now,"...
  9. kirangp

    8GB iPhone to cost Rs 31,000, 16GB for 37,000

    ya... iPhone was launched in Australia on July 11th... Unfortunately 3 doesn't have rights to sell iPhone.. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus are selling it..I work in Telstra, so I have played with it..But this thing is so freaking heavy when compared to Ipod Touch..lolz..btw I am with 3 :)
  10. kirangp

    8GB iPhone to cost Rs 31,000, 16GB for 37,000

    I think this price is when you get the phone outright and there will be a cheaper price if you go for a 2 year contract...
  11. kirangp

    Thailand pulls GTA IV after Teenager murders cab driver

    ya rite....as though it is difficult to get pirated stuff in Thailand...These kind of bans dont help
  12. kirangp

    Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

    I agree that all this happened in BJP controlled states but nobody drops so low such as planting bombs at 16 places
  13. kirangp

    Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

    what???? 14 blasts... If the state and central govt doesn't do anything effective quickly now then they are bunch of $&@/-:;(
  14. kirangp

    Bomb blasts in Ahmedabad

    we have no one else to blame but ourselves.. Our easy going nature is the reason for all this mess... Wish people and authorities be more honest and less corrupt... :(
  15. kirangp

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Rosetta Stoned by ~~~TOOL~~~
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