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  • Hi Kushal,

    How old is your processor? I can offer you Rs 1000 for it. Do you also plan to sell the motherboard? How would you like to be paid in case you're ready to go in for the deal?
    It seems you are very much interested in grpx cards .. even i m but looking for a low-budget card .. do u have related products for sale?
    so what happend ur efforts gone in vain? I think when u r not been able to sell those items on e-bay . It ll be difficult coz i think ebay is the best place to sell .u can expose ur listing to huge number of ppl there... may be u can get 7-8K for that...... not sure thogh..
    ok .. i think you must reduce its price for a quick sale .. ur kids do such hardcore gaming
    that u had to buy such rig for them??
    hi, thanks for askin.i hve already got intel c2d proc and nvidia 780i sli board.thanks again.
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