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  • Format your machine today and tell me tomorrow. You'll know the headache.
    well well well, the only reason why I get pissed by Chrome is.....Google has bundled it with every software I try to install. CCleaner, Adobe Flash Player etc. yup, you can uncheck...but it is still like forcing people to install Chrome. bad..but not as bad as IE being bundled with every Windows copy. As a browser, Chrome is fine though.
    Should work in fine now. I'm using Firefox and I also faced this timeout problem. :)

    btw, don't hotlink the pics in your Kindle post. Host them to Imgur. Hotlinking isn't good - it's more like stealing someone else's bandwidth. :)

    anyhow, no harm in using better browsers like Firefox/Opera which don't rely on unnecessary bundling + in-the-face advertisements everywhere.
    That AMEXLB coupon is valid for only those customers who have American Express card.
    So I was not able to make use of! :(
    O1 is not selling for 8100 on Letsbuy. It's currently selling at 8999, including the bluetooth.
    Sorry. Couldn't reply earlier.

    I guess this won't be allowed if the member is new. Chances of fraud are high. If the member is old, then it's acceptable.

    Seller must be clear about the transfer procedure and how payment will be made.
    VISA cards seems to work fine with paypal, or amazon checkout, the one which amazon accepts. You should be fine with it.

    Is it a debit or a credit card?

    Debit card don't usually work with overseas payments and you may want to use a credit card.

    If you don't have a credit card, use a virtual credit card service like entropay.
    so, was the comment sarcastic? :p If it was, then please try to understand that I don't have server access. Neither does Raaabo.

    If I had, I'd have uploaded it long time ago.

    The site is managed by other people and contacting + dealing with them takes time as they are pretty busy people. Sorry, I can't bug them for a mere smiley. You'll have to live with it. :)

    If they begin vB4 transition, at that time I'll tell them to install a new smiley pack. That's all I can do. :)

    PS: When I wrote I'm neither an admin nor a moderator, it was true.
    No collage nowadays. So staying home all the day except for the afternoon. So, my work all the day is like: studying+ posting in digit & ocn. :p
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