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    how to make a internal hdd external hdd

    ok is it better to buy a 5.25" enclosure (as it has a fan), and use a mount to keep the 3.5" drive secure in it OR to buy a 3.5" enclosure (no fan) @ashu Regarding the difference in speed, there is definitely a latency involved, but it isn't noticable if you use USB 2.0. If on...
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    agreed. I too have a PixelView Card. One of the main problems with the card is that the bundled software isn't worth a damn. If you get this card, make sure you use 3rd party software like InterVideo WinDVR. I think you should buy an external card unless you intend to do some recording. At...
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    changing partitions.

    I couldn't agree more. Any time you play around with partitions, make sure you've got backup. you never know what may happen. Hey there is an option to grow NTFS in to neighboring contiguous space, perhaps you can use that? i tried to use it the last time i wanted to increase my partition...
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    iPod not recognized on computer, appears as removable drive.

    Or if you use Foobar, then you can use the excellent foo_pod plugin.
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