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  • ok, thanks!
    how about uploading the installer to piratebay? it will be more accessible there.
    you can post all the relevalent links there too, including to the moddb page.
    Well, I have an examples, as a style guidelines at game folder:
    ....\Tachyon Wars\resources\starcolony\stars\star-type*.jpg files
    (I can email you these as attach, if you'll provide me your address).

    Yes, I need user interface too, just let's start with something simple to flow in - star system images.

    PS: My ICQ - 5107157, Google Talk/Email: johny5.coder@gmail.com , I prefer Google Talk. Connect - like this will be faster to talk.
    do you have any templates that i can work with?
    or just give me some guidelines... like what colors to use, stars required or not, etc..
    and what about the user interface?
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