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    Details regarding infrared device

    how much does an infrared device cost . it should not be connected through a usb port but directly to an infrared port in the motherboard
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    Cheat codes required for The Hobbit

    I would like to know the cheatcodes for the game the hobbit . In hobbit i tried the cheat "Gandolf the great" but it does not work. I am not sure how to give that cheat but i tried it anyway and it does not work. Are there any other cheats and if "Gandolf the great" works how and where do i...
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    java installation

    I just got jdk1.3 from a friend and installed it but all the *.java files that i create need to be in the jdk1.3\bin directory to be compiled or executed. but in my computer center and in college i can have the java files anywhere in the hard drive and execute it for eg: when i type javac in my...
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    help on Motherboard details anyone question 2

    thank u imgame,wise and swatcat for ur advise. Guys u told me to buy an intel motherboard D865gbf and i have a mini ATX cabinet will i be able to fix that board on it. And one more thing does the intel D865GBF support DDR ram 333/400 mhz. this was my previous message i currently have a...
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    help on Motherboard details anyone

    i currently have a mercury motherboard 845GL . my system vendor says that i cannot add a grapfics card to it . if its true i need to buy a new motherboard which goes quite well on performance and supports a graphics card . could u please tell me what kind of motherboard i can buy and also what...
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