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    Buying Latest gaming laptop with GTX 970M

    I am interested in buying a Sager NP9752 with Sharp 4K IGZO from Xotic PC. Have not made my final decision yet, but it is the most powerful laptop available right now. Let me know if you are interested, we can plan and buy together.
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    Mobile workstation needed

    I am planning on getting a Sager 9752 with 4K Sharp display (< $2000), in the next couple of weeks. Waiting for a little feedback on it. One thing to mind though, this will be a 3+ Kg laptop and will not have too long a battery life,but has AMAZING processing power. Xotic PC is a good reseller...
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    Need a new High End gaming Laptop

    Duty on laptops is 16-18% and not 37.5%
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    LG G2 Discussion Thread

    G2 Kitkat global roll out has begun....D802 India should be getting it soon...
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    Best phone around 25K

    LG G2 hands down ... :)
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    2nd best budget android after moto g

    XOLO has launched q3000, which looks vfm considering you have a preference for p780. Why don't you try that ? Available for 18.5K in local market.....
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    Samsung Galaxy S II

    I am waiting to buy SGS II, but for that I have to first sell my 4 month old DHD.....any suggestions guys ?... which is the best place to do so ? (I live in Bangalore)
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    Talk endlessly for Re.1???

    I am waiting for a few user reviews too.....
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    Talk endlessly for Re.1???

    --- This plan is Re 1 irrespective of landline or mobile (any network) Regarding call dropping...talked to a few people who have Indicom CDMA..they say clarity is good compared to many GSM services......they have no problems with it. Just that not many CDMA phone options available.
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    Talk endlessly for Re.1???

    I dont understand the cribbing...... 600 Sec pulse and you guys still cry. whats wrong with you ?. Show me one provider who can match this offer in the current market. COST OF PHONE :1500 (decent one) COST OF ACTIVATION: 99. COST : Re 1/10 Mins to CELL OR LANDLINE. COST : STD @ 3/10 Mins. Even...
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    Number portability postponed by 3 months to end of 2009

    Now isnt this sad..... I was waiting for it to switch from this bad IDEA
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    Say Hello to TATA INDICOM's FUP [Fair Usage Policy]

    this is going to be followed by all private players.....hope BSNL doesnt do it. These private players want to save on money they pay for bandwidth by implementing policies like this, other international ISPs provide speeds and limits which are practical but with Indian ISPs its the opposite...
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    Tax exemption for Rahman

    If the government wants to honor him or give him money in form of a award as a recognition of his achievement its acceptable, but giving tax exemption to one citizen over another is not fair. so u feel Rahman's contribution is above that of all these people ? .....the government is giving...
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    Tax exemption for Rahman

    this is worng. He should pay tax. first its sachin now rehman...... exempt all celebrities from tax and keep increasing it for the common man.......these politicians my god.
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    Connectivity Scorecard 2009 : India beats Bangladesh and Pakistan

    India is one of the most under developing countries in terms of internet technology. Thanks to TRAI and DOT for implementing policies like fair usage, and upto speed...lol. .....in India its important to have a internet connection....use it ..NO NO !!
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