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    [Preview + Feedback] Feb 2009

    Excellent Issue. I am happy with both the mag and disk content. Giving opensuse and fedora on the same issue was very generous of you guys. keep it up for next issue also. The packaging was also nice although some hard cover for the dvd would be much better. Congratulations on a excellent issue. :D
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    My international experience - part 1

    If you want to go do your bachelors in MIT then in Class 12 score around 90% in PCM. .do great in SAT. Great means almost 1600 in Maths+English. 110+ for TOEFL IBT should be fine. Write a great Application Essay. Get Perfect Letter of recommendations. Apply early and Pray. If you want to do...
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    Mobile Phone Programming [c++/J2ME/Symbian/BREW/WinCE/Linux]

    I would agree with the fact that there is a bright future for mobile programming but the only game I play on my smartphone is sudoku :D
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    I need a good theme for xbuntu

    LOL, go ahead and add the theme of your choice. Dont Worry. Its not POISON. Its more like a beautiful girl or a Ferrari or whatever suits your eyes the most.
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    [Preview + Feedback] January 2009

    No linux ?
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    [By Demand] Feb 2009

    Oh no! Please give opensuse 11.1. So what if it has been given out three times before, the green look is great. Also, KDE4 implementation on Opensuse is the best. They have even back ported some features from the upcoming KDE4.2 and included it in it.
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    SE vs NOKIA vs MOTO

    I have n73 , moto v3i and SE walkman series phones. If you want quality then SE is the best. If you want features at comparatively low price, Nokia is the best. I dont know WHY I bought Motorola. It sucks big time compared to SE and Nokia.
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    Pakistan tour called off...

    ahhhh I really wanted to see some ind vs pak cricket yaar.
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    OpenSuse 11.1 1 Day to go

    Opensuse OUT. Downloading it now!
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    Got my new laptop- Rate the deal!

    33K for thinkpad is great. they are the most robust laptops out there. congrats Dont forget to thank him :D
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    OpenSuse 11.1 1 Day to go

    Me too. Cant wait to test it. havent used suse since 10.3.
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    Internet or sex, which would you choose?

    The ones that are either too old and have dysfunctional lower body part or the ones that have hideous wife or girlfriend would chose internet over sex :D . I vote for SEX ;) I vote for SEX ;) Have you done it before ? Sex is great man :D
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    How to configure dialup connection in openSUSE11.0

    I think you have a winmodem. Check this page http://linmodems.org/ to identify your chipset and install the driver and configure your modem.
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    which destro is well suited for study perpose .....mean learning a linux system.

    You can hibernate in XP but Ubuntu's hibernation is disabled ;)
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    Release Schedule of upcoming major distro

    Debian has this policy of releasing things when it is ready :D . I have been waiting for lenny to go stable and I has been months. It was SUPPOSED :D to be released in September 2008.
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