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    2 Sata but 2 HDD, 1 DVD-RW.. Help

    Hi friends... I have a little problem. I have only 2 SATA (3Gbps) ports in my motherboard. One is connected to my HDD and other is connected to my DVD-RW. I am planning for buying another HDD which I am going use internally. I mean not as external HDD. I don't want to buy an IDE or PATA HDD...
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    [By Demand] February 2011

    Please provide Autodesk MAP 3D trial.
  3. iitmanojit

    VGA/DVI to tv

    Hi friends.. I want to make an output to my tv from my computer. I have VGA port and DVI. So how can I connect my pc to be displayed in my tv. Is there any VGA/DVI to TV(video input) out. Thanks in advance.
  4. iitmanojit

    Which GPRS Service is best suited?

    In BSNL Kolkata Rs- 8 per day (9GB) (works for 3G too) Rs- 98 per month (2GB) (works for 3G too) Rs- 274 per month (unlimited) (works for 3G too) Please contact customer care for confirming 1 month unlimited plan. They say it is for 2G connection. In reality it works in 3G too. Speed is...
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    New Open Source Indian Rupee Font

    I have created a new open source font for the support of Indian Rupee symbol. Read more at here TechFat: New Open Source Indian Rupee Font
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    Which is best office (2007 or 2010)?

    Office 2010 is better than office 2007
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    [By Demand] August 2010

    Please provide microsoft visio
  8. iitmanojit

    How to organize my Ebook collection?

    Thanks for the info... Thanks swatkat
  9. iitmanojit

    I have lost AUTODESK MAYA 2011 activation key!

    I think its 657C1... & yes.....
  10. iitmanojit

    I have lost AUTODESK MAYA 2011 activation key!

    Hello.... I am in a serius problem. I have a genuine Autodesk Maya 2011 software (My Uncle had gifted it from USA). The matter is I was using it nice with the serial, activation keys, request codes, product codes; but I have formatted my computer last week. And my mother had trashed Maya 2011...
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    How to organize my Ebook collection?

    Hello Digitians... I have a huge ebook collections. Mostly in pdf, chm & djvu files. I want a software that creates database type with links to those files. So that I can use the database to find the ebook just like searching in a library. I have microsoft office but I don't know the use of MS...
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    [By Demand] July 2010

    Please provide Autodesk Autocad 2011.... I need it.....
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