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  • Hey,
    I am not able to upload pics for the avatar nor the profile pic ?
    Keeps saying "Unable to save image"
    hey do u have nzxt tempest evo? it shows below ur name....do u know any online stores selling it?
    Good to know that you are well. I was much busy in some domestic work and spend almost three months rarely on internet. Whenever I used internet it was for checking emails nothing else. But now I am free and I have finished all tasks so I am again on track of my normal life. So how were these last few months for you?
    Hi gagan,

    Is there any problem with the editing avatar these days ??

    It always says "Unable to change". Please have a look.
    i dont think there any use in posting in these forums, especialy with asrock bashing going around and a so called moderator like you keeping mum , inspite of personal insults from suman pathak and gang ,you have the audacity to pen a massively insulting thread toward me ,while letting suman pathak continue his diatribe against asrock go scot free
    I'm running my baby @ 1200 at 1.2v. All smooth & this baby don't give sh!t about any nvidia cards these days.

    I've done some reviews at home, don't have time these days to post those results.

    Its a comparison between GTX 570 OC with HD 7970 OC
    bro i am so ****ed. call me on *********. pLZ! jaldii !!

    MOD EDIT: Don't reveal mobile nos publicly like this.
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