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    How popular u are?

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&rls=com.microsoft%3A*&q=iamtheone&btnG=Search chk this out for my poopularity:D:D
  2. iamtheone

    iPod shuffle is now only $49

    hey saurav if arya pays u that money....don't forget ur fellow lkoyte brother ;)
  3. iamtheone

    iPod shuffle is now only $49

    yea sure it doesn't have an i on it....ryt???....man r u seriously so obstinate???...or u just pretend to be so....saurav din say anything bad bout the shuffle so why the **** did u start ranting??....IMO zen is a much better than ipod and just for 10$ more u can get 1 gb extra memory and...
  4. iamtheone


    thank u thank u ;)....saw this post at another forum so copy pasted it here...lolz....btw,on reading the thread title which is the first name that coms to ur mind??:D :D ...no offense but the first name which came to my mind after seeing the third pic was that of aryayush :-D :-D
  5. iamtheone


    http://www.bruceongames.com/2008/02/17/fanboys/ One of the most amusing features of this industry is the fanboys. On every forum they strut their stuff as the world experts on everything. Yet in reality they know very little, just what they glean secondhand from the internet. And they all want...
  6. iamtheone

    HD-DVD Soon to die, toshiba to quit backing it.

    Re: Last nail on the coffin for HD-DVD ?? old news buddy....the previous thread is still on the first place.... REPORTED
  7. iamtheone

    High End Mobile Wanted

    y dont u try LG KU990....its got a 5 mp cam and luks pretty cool(din checked it out personally so cant say much)..but its priced at 21k and from the reviews,it seems a very good phone
  8. iamtheone

    Computers to be as intelligent as humans by 2030

    ^^+100....exactly the same thought came to my mind as soon as i read the title
  9. iamtheone

    Will a PS3 imported from canada will run here???

    no...no need to worry about games not working...every blu ray game is region free so every game(no matter where u bought it from) will work on the ps3(exactly as as ethan hunt ;) said.....aqs far as movies are concerned,i think u'll be able to find some NTSC movies in the grey market...
  10. iamtheone

    Best Optical Disc

    so dude if u r getting those from there u'll be saving 600 bucks and NO DUTIES ARE CHARGED.....so thats a much better option than getting them frm planet M...nd m sure most of the new ones wont be stocked by planet m....
  11. iamtheone

    Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB) with DHL Free Shipping Worldwide! in only $9.90-Crazy deal

    Re: Sony PlayStation 3 (80GB) with DHL Free Shipping Worldwide! in only $9.90-Crazy yea man....that wud have popularise digit forums too ;)
  12. iamtheone

    Best Optical Disc

    u can order BD movies from amazon...they ship books and movies worldwide...most of the movies cost less than 30$....nd i lately they have started sending their parcels throughh an indian company avonsolution so u are not even charged any custom duties too.....IMO 1200 bucks for a blu ray...
  13. iamtheone

    where to buy this ?

    hey even i wanna buy a lava lamp...i live in lko....i'll prolly find it here after some searching...but can ne one tell me how much these cost(approx)??
  14. iamtheone

    Anyone noticed this?

    yea yea barge me up for this as much as u lyk :rolleyes::rolleyes:...i din saw the whole image man....
  15. iamtheone

    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1: The Return to the Mystique !!!

    ^^ lolz.....they cud've used this phone in the last round of the greek games on the geeek in american pie 6-beta house....if u know what i am talking about ;)
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