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    Trace Any Reliance Subscriber’s Surname

    The number of mobile subscribers in India are rapidly increasing. Its very rare to find someone without a mobile phone these days. This explosive growth in mobile phone users have lead to an increase in getting suspicious and mischievous calls and messages. If you are getting such these types...
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    BSNL/MTNL 3G ON iPad/iPhone (Easy Setup)

    Here is a Quick and easy guide for you to setup Bsnl/Mtnl 3g on your iPad and iPhone For Setting Up BSNL 3G on iPhone or iPad: Open Settings > General > Network. Under Network Settings, open Cellular Data Network and set APN as “bsnlnet”. Leave the username and password field blank and restart...
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    Which Laptop should i buy.........

    Hi guys......... Friends i am planning to buy a laptop next week.... so guys which laptop will be good for me,,,,,,,, my budget is upto 45 K... i hav shortlisted these 4 models if anyone already used these models then they can tell how they r in performance, stability, in which year they...
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    Nokia 5700 For Sale

    Hey guys, Nokia 5700 Xpressmusic loaded with more than 800 Songs + Almost all great softwares is available for Sale... Phone is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. 1 Year Old... Expected Price 8.5 K Reason for Selling: Just Bought Nokia N95 8GB. Interested one's may contact........
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    Celeron For Sale : Excellent Condition..

    PC FOR SALE. REASON: BOUGHT A NEW LAPTOP Configuration: Black Colour NAVTECH ATX CABINET (Just Bought 2 Months Ago) Intel Celeron 1.7 ghz Intel Motherboard with 64 mb onboard video memory 756 MB RAM DVD ROM CD WRITER 120 Gb harddisk 15" Lg Monitor (Black) Techcom Mouse Intex...
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    Digitian need Help?????

    thanks guys for your concern but i have already done both soft and hard reset but it doesn't work..........
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    Digitian need Help?????

    hey guys i need your help,,,,, frnds i have a o2 XDA Zinc with windows 6 professional in it.... the problem is that i am not able to make calls from my phone whenever i try to call any number it show's "CALL ENDED" and if someone try to call me it's giving the response mobile number is not...
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    Mobile Suggestion ?

    u should go for Nokia5700 it's the best and also cheaper than ur budget.... GO FOR IT BUDDY>>>>>>>
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    Airtel Nop On Pc

    Hi guys,,, friends i need ur help.. i want to know that is there any way to use Airtel NOP on my pc through my O2 XDA ZINC (Windows Mobile 5)........... Please help guys... it's urgent..... Thanks in advance...... Honinder.............
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