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    Your resolutions for 2014

    Which lenses do you already have? I might get a 50mm f/1.4 next year.
  2. GNUrag

    What are some of the things that you hate but everyone around you seems to love?

    I hate the backside of Suzuki Ritz. What were they thinking! Why does the rear door bend inwards!??
  3. GNUrag

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste

    Sad. Middle-click remap in order!
  4. GNUrag

    Help regarding ubuntu server

    Couple of sites to get you started: 1) HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials -- Has detailed copy-paste tutorials on everything from creating mail servers, to mailing lists to antivirus setups to virtual hosting. 2) Debian Administration - Debian Administration Resources -- Very old and...
  5. GNUrag

    Feeling hopeless, need to earn money, don't know where to post this

    I agree, you could ask around the society and take up tutoring kids. Teaching English or science should not be difficult and won't take much time on your part too. Earning part time at pizza place or coffee shops are honourable jobs too. Just remember not to panic.
  6. GNUrag

    a project on linux - need suggestion

    The world is moving on to mobile devices. Why not make something that runs on Android? I'm sure it would be something no one in your college would have thought of!!
  7. GNUrag

    any website which gives a complte list of FOSS

    http://www.linuxalt.com/ as well.
  8. GNUrag

    How to confuse an idiot for one minute !

    I opened it in lynx - and all i saw was Hi i am max.. blah blah.. i have playstation... yada yada.. i have sonyericsson... foo bar... i like genelia d'souza... i was like, wtf!
  9. GNUrag

    Can I check my url with Internet Explorer in Ubuntu 7.10?

    I think you are looking for BrowserShots sevice. http://browsershots.org/
  10. GNUrag

    Ubuntu start-up query

    so many clicks! gone are the days when an entry in .bashrc would do.
  11. GNUrag

    Flavours of Unix.

    The copyright for UNIX trademark lies with the Open Group. So yes, you can call your implementation a UNIX if you get it certified by OpenGroup. * yes, linux is uncertified, and will never be certified. Linux remains a unix clone. * yes, Mac OSX is a certified UNIX implementation.
  12. GNUrag

    Alternative E-mail Clients

    All mail clients suck. Mutt just sucks less.
  13. GNUrag

    Digit - A fav of Google?

    Maybe they've put up sitemaps in proper order.
  14. GNUrag

    Looking for some Linux games

    torcs, wesnoth, penguinracer, bzflag
  15. GNUrag

    New Apache 160 EFI

    Damn, and i thought what kind of new versioning system did Apache webserver adopt lately :P
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