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    Which 22" Full HD(1080p) monitor ?

    ve a look at samsung p2250 and p2350 (<- links)
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    Why is everyone buying LCD TVs??

    consumes less power soft on eyes compact, easy transfer higher resolution
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    need info abt APC UPS.

    ^^^ i thought he asked how to on the ups when ac power is not available provided bkup is there.
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    need info abt APC UPS.

    press the switch for some time wen there is no power to start the computer. rest all things u stated is correct and dats how it works.
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    Sell a cpu

    how much for the card, memory, u frm?
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    22" Full HD Monitor

    is ur prob solved with 2233 mobo prob? how did u do that. which is ur mobo model, and gfx if any?
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    Rapidshare Collector to Premium Account Query

    no, the counter wont be set to zero. u ll ve the rest. ie, u ll ve X-10K.
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    Need LCD Monitor

    the samsung has got higher resolution than dell i wud go for the samsung model in both these.
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    Need LCD Monitor

    2033 is 7.6k
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    Hardware price list/spec sheet

    samsung helpdesk number? 7.2k includes tax?
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    Wanna buy a full HD LCD but...

    the dell model u mentioned is not of standard resolution and the monitor luks waste for me. there was se198wfp model frm dell, which was gr8. they stopped it n now sellin this crap. dont knw y all companies want to stop wellsellin gud models, n inject crap into market. i dont prefer this...
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    Best performing 22" & 24" LCDs ????

    but it does not support hdmi :(
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    BSNL BB n Landline

    In bsnl usage webpage, wat does that "chargeable usage" mean? im having a home 500 plan, where i ve 2.5 gb free a month. right now, i ve around 600 mb in chargeable usage. does this chargeable usage mean i ve exhausted my 2.5 gb n i ve to pay more? or it is within my 2.5 gb limit, n i can use...
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    mausam and escape frm slumdog millionaire:D
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