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  1. djmykey

    Which wireless router for home

    Me has Pronet 102 Mbps Wireless router works fine in my home in all the 8 rooms...
  2. djmykey

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Peace dude !!! Take a chill pill.
  3. djmykey

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Its not for the love of the character that I put up that avatar I simply like the look of it.
  4. djmykey

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    I used to watch watch watch and watch CN although my BSc Final exams were approaching. Yes sir you heard me right I still would be watching cartoons if it were not for those badly dubbed chinese japanese cartoons. BTW Swat Kats and all were my fav. I used to scramble home back from school to...
  5. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    ^^^ Fine with me ^^^
  6. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    Kewl man. Considering the hike man its a waste imho. There is nothing on top of the garh. So best of luck dude !! Have fun !!!
  7. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    Mmmmm mocha = the cafe near Symbi Chowk ????
  8. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    Shoo shoo. And Btw you stay way faaar in GOA, so shoo shoo....
  9. djmykey

    Ever cheated in ur exams....

    Ok now this is a joke. I was loaded with chits (I'm not at all a pro at this stuff, I just wanted to pass the exams) And I got such a position to sit that I was visible from 5 different locations. And this was the univ exams. I was terrified. Gave up the paper after 15 mins. Supervisior:-...
  10. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    E-Square sound nice. Movie buffs anyone !!! I personally love E-Square a lot.
  11. djmykey

    Pune meet....when?

    First to the thread starter we were having Pune meets for quite some time. Proof And we are the best of friends now :) We did lots of brain storming over the phone chats and over a cuppa. Believe me its too good to get to know ppl of the same thinking process. gauravakaasid - u seem to...
  12. djmykey

    [FEEDBACK] New Thinkdigit Website

    This looks nice and too much red. If any subtle color could have been used it would look nice :)
  13. djmykey

    Post your mobile cam pics

    Ok if y'all can, then beat this pic. I had to stop collect my jaw from the floor. Take out my cam "click", eyed the watchman coming in my direction. Started my bike zoomed the heck outta there. Yeah baby this is what I'm talking about. Sheer royalness!!! Taken by my Nokia 5610...
  14. djmykey

    Keeping Busy

    Only if there was a way to keep the receiver aside in our mobile :lol:
  15. djmykey

    Airtel "the Real Thief"

    I tried to activate MO on my prepaid mobile and didnt know about this least balance thing. So am not sure. MO is not on, and attempts to start it also fails without any sms or error. So dunno what to do really. And also Im now in doubt to recharge huge amounts to my mobile :(
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