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    removing windowblinds popup

    @sreevirus: Just the way you can use a Popup blocker to block popups and an Ad-Blocker to block advertisements on websites, there's no harm in using a similar software to do the same locally, provided that the software doesn't hamper the shareware limitations of the software. Besides, he's...
  2. D Is it safe & sound?

    I concur with Indyan; Onspeed is NOT just another internet accelerator, web enhancer or tweaking software- In fact, Onspeed tweaks nothing! Onspeed is a software AND a service- the Onspeed proxy servers abroad provide data compression and caching, while the client software (which you have to...
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    How to make AIOS(all in one)?

    It depends on what softwares you want to bundle, the target audience (or purpose). Now if the proggies you are bundling are simple ones that dont require installation (like eMule) then the easiest thing you can do is just use WinRAR to make an installer- You can even set WinRAR to make...
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    *[NEW!]* Opera 7.60 Preview 4!

    Yes, the next update is here! It features improved notification pop-ups for downloads and messages, amongst several new changes and fixes. As usual: Due to the experimental nature of this release, upgrading a previous Opera installation is not recommended. If you'd like to test your mail...
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    Thread for Windows XP Service PAck 2 Aftermaths

    Yeah. Simply change the location of your program files folder to D: drive. Just browse over to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and look for ProgramFilesDir. Now edit this value and change it to D: . Of course before you do that, remember to copy the existing...
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    P2P Sharing

    * LimeWire: Very notorious for Limeshop; now removed though. * eDonkey: Searchs not that fast, sometimes there are no sources at all or file doesnt' start downloading immediately, most often p0rn movies downloaded when you least expect it (;))... Better to use eMule instead of ed2k...
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    Lol, I dont know if saying this in this case is appropriate or not.. but: Why dont you use the Search feature? :D :D :P sorry, I just coudn't resist myself :) Anyways I did already post a reply to this. You are getting this error because you are searching for an extremly common...
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    P2P Sharing

    @vinay: You can't use file sharing or video chat with someone who doesn't use Qnext. You can't send files to friends using AIM or YAHOO or MSN. This is a major draw back. :P _________________ Firefox Rediscover the web
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    Thread for Windows XP Service PAck 2 Aftermaths

    Its always better to format and reinstall. To avoid all the hassles of software reinstallation, its better you keep XP exclusively to itself on C: and install all your software in other partitions. I dont think you have done this, so install it in this manner now. Of course, you will have to...
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    P2P Sharing

    Vinay are you out of your mind? I dont think its worth a try! KMD has been rated 1 / 5 (A person had actually rated it 2 for 5 because it improved his business- his business was in removing spyware :P) It still has loads of Spyware and who in their right mind would actually BUY a p2p...
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    P2P Sharing

    rohan, Kaazaa is dead, gone, end of story. Bundling spyware was its own undoing.. I dont think anyone's using Kaazaa right now and if they are then they deserve to be kicked in their *** for using a software that supports spyware :P Anyways, yeah its good that LimeWire doesn't bundle spyware...
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    Beware! Lest The "SNAKE2" Bites u!!

    Yeah, both of them. In fact I had initially played both Wc3 and D2 with cheats when they came out. But of course, later on I played from scratch both the games without cheats and completed them. I loved D2:Expansion (LoD)too. It was simply amazing, I mean all the graphics and all. And if...
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    P2P Sharing

    If you want small files, then eMule is the best. Its fast, free, open source, no spyware and you almost always get anything you want. Only problem is while downloading large files (>600 MB) you often end up with a p0rn movie instead :P For large and popular files I recommend using IRC. Search...
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    Tally 4.5 In Windows XP

    First of all, please use the Search feature before starting a new topic. This way it would save a lot of time both for you and us. --- Anyways in addition to the reply that I posted in the above thread, you might be interested in...
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    A general QUESTION - Tough i guess ??

    Well I thought of going mono.. Which one of these do you think is better? _________________ Firefox Rediscover the web
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