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  • saw it was gud,hey u play with left hand too and i also know hotel california but gets ****ed up at the 10 7 pullof part lol
    I saw ur sig,u hav m50.i was planning to buy that guitar.i hav some doubts.plz it possible to downtune ur guitar?does it goes out of tune after whammy?
    I ve never been to major gigs,i l go when il get a job.last time i was in blore COF came,i wanted to go but hod didnt allow to take leave.r u going?in july iced earth and kreator also cmng
    why are you posting from a from a mobile device when you are not actually posting from a mobile device.:p:wink:
    I am in Wipro, HInjewadi as SAP test engineer. Planning to switch to development.
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