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  1. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!

    Re: Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!11 @ashwin sexana aka shalu sharma aka quiz master: hi. Remember me?? i am the same guy who defaced you!!! anyway it wasn't you who created the threads it was me too back then who hacked your account and did that. do not take credit of my work. your...
  2. dark_side_of_the_moon

    ::All PINK FLOYD fans here::

    Hi I invite all Pink Floyd fans to share your thoughts about this Amazing Band...from any random comment to anything....... As for me , I'm in love with this band............An addicted band........... My favorite album: Wish You were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon
  3. dark_side_of_the_moon

    ?? I won tour package in gsmarena.com ??

    Hes using mobile for browsing.not pc I think it was fake............Everytime you go to www.ashoppingspree.com, it says that u r the winner.
  4. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Contents for a Personal Website?

    Make it about my girl friend
  5. dark_side_of_the_moon

    One Question to god

    I'll ask If you(God) created us or we created you?
  6. dark_side_of_the_moon

    One Question to god

    I'll ask...........Why can I ask only one question and not two?
  7. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Son saves his Dad's life - wants a PS3 for it

    PS3 kharidne ke baad uska baap to garibi se hi mar jayega. To life batchane ka fayda kya hua?
  8. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Do UFOs/Aliens exist, is Time Travel possible and more...

    Yes time travel is possible. How do i know? CAuse I'm from future. And I still cant believe that you guys stilll need forum. Its so outta fashion. Well maybe not in this decade, but its outdated in the decade I live(or used to live.....my machine's not working:().
  9. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    I didn't knew that Transformer was a series, beafore hearing about the film.So i guess i can watch it. Are scl effect bttr thn Spidey 3? and story?
  10. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    CAn someone tell me if Transformeres is worthRs.130/- for hall tickets. While imdb gave it 7.9/10 Rotten tomatoes gave it only 57% approval. So i'm kinda confuse.
  11. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Soft Rock kinda music !!! need recommendations

    This must be my biggest guilty-pleasure song. Although i hate the Band, and every other song that banana girl did, but this song is amazing. I never get tired of it
  12. dark_side_of_the_moon

    Hard rock music recommendations

    Whats Pink Floyd doing in Hard/Metal bands list.............:o :o :o Btw, Queen , Deep Purple,Guns And Roses,Pearl Jam,RHCP,Slipknot are some bands you can give a try
  13. dark_side_of_the_moon

    beware of rainbowfc

    koi crazybutt hai to koi crazyass
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