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    Home Wi-Fi networking???

    I want to setup a wi-fi network at my home. there are 3 computers which i want to connect them, can u tell me the price of each of the hardware involved in setting up and the total cost i would have spent. Also tell me all the hardware i need for the same.
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    Which LINUX should I use ?

    I suggest u to go for OpenSuSE 10, its as user-friendly as windows xp.
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    15 year old builds linux distro based on knoppix

    so what, go to lfs site and built ur own, everything is there for building ur own system
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    linux installation problem

    By garbage it means give a false command, and error will be displayed, u can type anything other than the command. but that is usually for intel motherboard, i dont think it will work, try this, check ur sata cable and the connection, the cable has to be connect in the upper left of the sata...
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    SuSE 10 CDs

    Yes, the compile the DVD, but the original 5 CDs also doesnt include many packages, and if im not mistaken, all the packages in the 5 CDs are include in the DVD. A lot of multimedia packages can not be included in openSUSE because of legal issues and licensing.
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    Editing Application menu in Fedora?

    How will i change the shortcut in application menu in GNOME, i know in KDE but not in GNOME, i tried using applications:\\\ but still i cannot edit the file, and it says disk set to read only???
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    Linking the cdrom??

    NO, because the permission for hdc is set to read-only for non root user and can not be executed, and whenever I change the permission and restart, it will change by itself to default, i.e read only.
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    Linking the cdrom??

    Whenever I make a symbolic link to the cdrom using #ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom the link gets deleted when i restart the system, how will I make it permanent??
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    add remove shortcuts in start menu in linux

    HOw about in Gnome
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    MP3 & MPEG player for Fedora Core 3

    hey, look at my topic on How to install Xine on Fedora Core 3 and you will get everything u need !!!
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    How to install xine on Fedora Core 3!

    No they wont give all the dependencies, if u want just try the xine`s website and try searching the dependencies list, i dont think soooo
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    How to seperate Voice from Songs ..

    Nah, there is no such tools that can completely remove vocals!
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    It's Windows vs. Windows as Microsoft battles piracy

    Thats not a big deal, Use other OSes
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    Mr. XP.... wheres my partition ???

    Ok Heres the solution, open partition magic, and in partition magic, right click on the E partition and click Hide Partition, then apply, and then the comp will restart automatically. After you restart, open partition magic again, right click on th same partition i.e E and then Unhide Partition...
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    Norton Antivirus Reliable?

    maybe yes maybe no, not all antiviru can detect keylogger and all those script!
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