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Home Wi-Fi networking???

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I want to setup a wi-fi network at my home. there are 3 computers which i want to connect them, can u tell me the price of each of the hardware involved in setting up and the total cost i would have spent. Also tell me all the hardware i need for the same.


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u will need 3 PCI wireless lan card and i wireless router.

companies good are netgear and SMC .. will recommend netgear.. check ebay.in ppl are sellin if u dont have access to these things..


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buying on the market is most likely cheaper then ebay...thats that i've experienced till now...
if ur looking for something fancy, try d-link...otehrwise i suggest netgear as well...total for the 4 components could be between 6-9k


Do you want to share internet connection for the 3 machines ? If yes then you will need a Access Point/Router.

If you only want to share files within the internal network then you could very well do with Wi-Fi PCI cards for the computers & then setting up a Ad-Hoc network.

What exactly are you looking for from this wirless network? Provide details please.


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WHat if you want to share an internet connection between a laptop and desktop.
Desktop has a net connection thru ethernet port(so thats used up!)
And how much will that cost..?


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Shared internet connection laptop and desktop


You can use a wireless router cum access point for this. I bought a Netgear WGR614 for Rs. 2375 from Lamington Road. The RJ 45 from your modem plugs into the router. Upto 4 desktops/printer/whatever else also plug into the wired ports of the router and the laptop connects wirelessly. If your laptop does not already have wireless capability, you should be able to get a PCMCIA wireless card for about Rs. 1500-1600.
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