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  • Its reinstalled now. :|

    Anyways, I transfered everything I wanted from laptop only. Now I have a new question: This ROM doesn't support/has themes by default. Any way I can get themes?
    Okay friend! I will do like as you said. I think you made a typo in the last reply. "try" instead of "dry". anyways thank you so much for your patience and your reply. because this problem made me to be worried. I think you're a moderator. aren't you?
    Thank you so much friend..
    I will try to do this by today night or by tomorrow morning..
    thank you so much..
    (I have a doubt.. can i spray repellent outside of my cabinet?)
    I feel like saved.. :)
    If its mobile OS problem, how can it be detected in one computer and not the other? :???:
    Also, "shaking the mobile" :confused:. Are you making fun of me?
    if i cant,then how can i get rid of these ants in my cpu and keyboard? really i'm worried. I dont know what to do. im cornered.
    Looks like something is wrong in my PC. I tried it on a laptop and it just worked fine. :p

    EDIT: Strange. Pen drive is being detected, but not the SD Card. Aren't both supposed to work in same way ?
    I went to settings>Storage>Mount SD Card this time and it says "Insert a SD card to mount". I tried re-inserting SD Card and still the same. On going to OI File Manager I can see the files on SD Card.. :|
    But I have Optimus One :|
    Serpent had galaxy I guess..

    Anyways, I tried an app from Google play and that doesn't work either. They both show SD Card as mounted but it doesn't show in Windows..
    Hey USB Mass storage is not working in that All in one rom. Any other GOOD ICS? :)
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